Dubai among the Lowest Risk Cities for 2013

Downtown Dubai by Emaar PropertiesDubai is the 19th lowest risk city in the world and the 1st in the Middle East. This was discovered by Aon Hewitt’s People Risk Index.

Aon Hewitt’s research is highlighting the lowest risk cities in the world to recruit, employ and redeploy talent. It is used by companies to evaluate the talent management risks, as well as to grow and develop their businesses. The study is based on employment and relocation rates, the amount of risks that firms need to deal with recruitment, as well as things like access to education, government regulations, demographics, employment practices and talent development. The total number of cities that are included in Aon Hewitt’s People Risk Index is 138.

Compared to last year, Dubai managed to do better on the list. The city was ranked at the 19th position in the international chart. Back in 2012, Dubai was occupying the 29th position. Moreover, the City of Gold is the lowest risk city in the entire Middle East region.

Dubai successfully surpasses famous cities like Miami (21), Sydney (26), Brussels (27), Paris (36) and Berlin (40). On the Middle East chart, Dubai is the undeniable leader with 83 points. Right behind it are Doha (31), Tel Aviv (45), Muscat (50), Riyadh (53), Manama (57), Amman (83) and others. New on the ME list is Manama. The city is among the lowest risk places in the world for the very first time.

The main reason behind Dubai’s high performance on the ranking is its ability to recover faster when it comes to the effect on people risks. The social and political stability, as well as the high quality of life and talent availability in the UAE also add to the city’s excellent performance.

The lowest risk city in the world was found to be New York. The Big Apple heads the list for the second consecutive time thanks to its top-quality training facilities, educational institutions and the huge number of experienced and qualified talent. In addition, New York did well in categories like workforce productivity and amount of working age population.

In general, the list is dominated by cities in North America and Europe. Canada scores the most impressive ranking with three cities among the first ten – Toronto (3), Montreal (4) and Vancouver (10). The second U.S. city on best 10 ranking is Los Angeles which occupies the 6th spot. Europe, on the other hand, is represented by London (5), Copenhagen (7) and Zurich (9). There are only two cities in the top ten which are not located in Europe or North America – Singapore (2) and Hong Kong (7).

On the other end of the list are the highest risk cities. The top ten there consists of three Middle East countries, four from Africa and three from Asia. According to Aon Hewitt, the highest risk city for 2013 is Damascus, Syria (138). It is followed by Sana’a, Yemen (137), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (136), Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (135) and Baghdad, Iraq (134). The study points out that these cities are high risk because of their instability and nontransparent governments. Also, the People Risk Index states the low amount of investments in these cities hinders the development of sectors like education.

Here are the complete lists of the top lowest and highest risk cities.

Lowest Risk Cities:

New York, United States
Singapore, Singapore
Toronto, Canada
Montreal, Canada
London, United Kingdom
Los Angeles, United States
Copenhagen, Denmark
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Zurich, Switzerland
Vancouver, Canada

20. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Highest Risk Cities:

Damascus, Syria
Sana’a, Yemen
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Baghdad, Iraq
Luanda, Angola
Karachi, Pakistan
Tripoli, Libya
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Lagos, Nigeria

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