Bridal Jewelry Trends for 2013

Many brides follow the latest wedding trends and search for new fashion, décor and jewelry inspirations. Bridal jewelry in 2013 is bold and new, while at the same time combines fashion trends from the past few years. With the continuing popularity of do-it-yourself weddings, personal style remains the leading feature of bridal jewelry.

EA100722Jewelry is the final touch to the whole wedding ensemble and everything together. You should choose it to match the style of the wedding and the style of the gown and cake, but you can add traditionally adored diamonds, pearls, gemstones or everything else that will give your outfit real bling. So, let’s take a look at the most popular trends in bridal jewelry for 2013:

Statement pieces

Anything big and personalized is popular in 2013 – big stones, bold designs, anything that will make today’s bride to stand out. Of course, you can also escape the traditional white – crystals can be deep blue, silver or mint, or choose the glamorous rose gold which definitely came back this year.

Vintage touches

RI100859Vintage style and anything that looks homemade have been trendy in the last couple of years bringing classic elegance to every outfit. This year jewelry will be strongly inspired by the Victorian era and we will see a lot of studs and drop earrings, as well as layers of pearls, cameo necklaces and delicate vintage bracelets.

Jeweled headpieces

Hair accessories are becoming more and more popular among brides adding whimsical effect to every look. Feminine floral jeweled headbands will be even more desired, especially by younger brides.

Chandelier earrings

They are still lingering around from last year and we think they are not going anywhere anytime soon! Paired with a streamlined dress they will stand out adorably. And the bigger and bolder they are, the better.

Coloured gemstones

Pendent-item_XL_4995585_1648060Emeralds will be loved this year, not only in bridal jewelry, but also in engagement rings and as a décor color. But there are other colours, too – you can easily accomplish the “Something Blue” rule with blue gemstones or rhinestones.

Crystals instead of diamonds

This year imitation jewelry is becoming really popular. Besides, you don’t have to spend a fortune for beautiful and elegant jewelry!

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