Top Stories on Dubai Chronicle on March 24th


Here are the top stories on Dubai Chronicle on March 24th, 2013. To read the complete articles, click on the bolded headlines.

picture dnata Gets Customers Ready for Summer Getaways with Early Bird Vacation Specials

dnata wants customers to get excited for their summer vacation with Early Bird deals and a limited-time Scratch and Win promotion.  […]

Myths and Facts about Bilingual Children

Today, over 4 billion people are bilingual or, simply put, they speak two languages. Despite that, the myths about being bilingual are far too many. […]

Google to Join the Smart Watch Battle

Did you hear? Wearable smart devices are the new hit among technology companies. Right after Apple was rumoured to be working on a smart watch, Samsung announced that it will too launch a similar device. Next on board jumps Google! 

Six Reasons Why You Should Create a Microsoft Account

This will come as a surprise to you, but you may already have a Microsoft Account. You can use your Messenger, Xbox, Hotmail, SkyDrive, MSN or accounts to log in. 

Adidas Sale: Up to 50% off

To mark the end of the winter and the beginning of the spring season, top-selling sports clothing and accessories adidas starts a massive sale. Now prices of the company’s top products are reduced by up to 50%.

picture Middle East turning into most popular luxury travel destination

Over the past decade, the Middle East region, and in particular, Dubai has turned into the most visited luxury travel destination. 

Vitamins to Help You Look Younger

There are huge amounts of anti-aging skin care products, treatments and costly cosmetic procedures, but looking younger begins from the inside out. 

What to consider before opting for chemical peel

There are many cosmetic procedures that help with skin problems and one of the most popular is chemical peel.

Apple May Unveil iPhone 5S in June

After Samsung introduced its Galaxy S4 smartphone, it is time for Apple to take the spotlight again. The rumours around the giant’s updated version of iPhone 5 are not just raining, but pouring nowadays. […]

Small Business Owners More Stressed and Dependent on Technology Than Ever

Despite the fact that the global economy is slowly starting to recover, owners of small businesses are still under a lot of pressure and stress. This discovery was made by Brother International Corporation’s annual small business survey.