Six Reasons Why You Should Create a Microsoft Account


Microsoft Store This will come as a surprise to you, but you may already have a Microsoft Account. You can use your Messenger, Xbox, Hotmail, SkyDrive, MSN or accounts to log in. Also, those of you who are not connected to any of these services can simply use a different email address to open an account.

But why open a Microsoft Account? Here are six simple reasons:

  • Synchronized Settings – The service allows you to access your Windows system no matter where you are. If you sign in on a different device you will see all of your personalized settings, including your lock and Start screens. In addition, you can select different settings for each of the computers you use to log in.
  • Plenty of Applications – Apps are an integral part of Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 8. Applications for W8 devices can be downloaded from the company’s Windows Store. However, to access it, you need to have a Microsoft Account. Once you create such an account, you will have the chance to choose between thousands of mobile apps divided into various categories like fitness, cooking and education.
  • SkyDrive Storage Power – You can use your Microsoft Account to sign into the cloud service SkyDrive. There you can upload and store all of your files. The good news is that your account will give you 7GB of free storage space. However, SkyDrive is not used only for storing. You can also view, edit and manage your files. Moreover, you can even allow a friend to do that.
  • Social Hub – Those who have a Microsoft Account can connect all of their social and messaging profile into one. In that way they will not need to log into countless websites to check their messages, emails or their friends’ activity and status. Through your Microsoft Account you can link your profiles in platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SkyDrive, Flickr and many others.
  • Listen to Music for Free – You can use your Microsoft Account to long into Xbox Music. There you can listen to millions of songs right on your PC, including the latest hits. You don’t even need to download them and fill you device’s memory. Xbox Music is a streaming service which only requires internet access.
  • New Gaming Experience – With your universal Microsoft Account you can go to Xbox LIVE and compare your results with those of your friends or see when someone sends you an invite for a game. Also, you can search and download great games from various genres and categories.

As you can see, creating a Microsoft Account is pretty easy. Moreover, it is really worth it. Having such an account will save you lots of time and give you many new and great experiences.