Dubai Prepares to Welcome 15 Million Visitors by 2015

Dubai’s tourism sector is one of main factors that help the city’s economy to grow and develop so much in the past decades. The tourism environment in the region is well-established and lively. However, there are plenty of other sectors to invest in given the fact that the tourism industry is expected to develop even stronger in coming years.

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Haman Buamim, Dubai Chamber’s director general also supports this idea. According to him, in order to be successful, the tourism industry of a region needs a few key ingredients. The director said that among them were infrastructure, diverse culture, communications network, attractions, as well as top-quality hotels and resorts.

In addition, Buamim is very optimistic about the future of Dubai’s tourism sector. He believes that the city will welcome 15 million people by 2015. The director thinks that this would be mainly due to the many promotional campaigns and the large number of colorful events in the emirates. The hotel rooms’ capacity of the emirate is likely to increase to more than 100,000 by 2015, he said.

Also, Dubai has a favourable geographic location. It makes it perfect for conferences, which means more business visitors. In addition, the city is a hub of exhibitions and affordable airlines which again attract a great number of tourists.

Currently, Dubai is enjoying a great stability in its tourism sector. Last year, the emirates welcomed 10 million visitors. That was about 9.3% more compared to 2011. Moreover, there was also a rise in the amount of guest nights. Statistics show that they have increased with 14% for only one year. That made the total number of bights guests 37.4 million. As a result, hotel profits increased with nearly 18%, hitting Dh18.82 billion.

Also, Dubai’s powerful connection between the private and the public sectors managed to help the city to cope with various issues and withstand different crises. Furthermore, the flourishing tourism industry of the emirates led to the development of other industries, including infrastructure and logistics.

Dubai also offered many opportunities to both its residents and citizens. The city
demonstrates that awareness and professional training are very important for the development of the Dubai’s tourism sector.

Also, many visitors find Dubai attractive because of its visa facilities, top-quality infrastructure like its airlines and subway. In addition, the emirates may get the chance to host Expo 2020. If that happens, Dubai’s economy and tourism will continue to thrive.

One of Dubai’s plans for the near future is the building of various theme parks. The new facilities will help the city maintain the number of its tourist and to lure even more. Dubai’s tourism sector is currently the backbone of the emirate’s economy.

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