Games for PlayStation 4 and Next-Gen Xbox May be Pricier

Various predictions were made at the 2013 SXSW (South by Southwest) event in Austin, Texas. One of th conferences in Texas concerned two of the leading game consoles on the market – Microsoft’s next Xbox and Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4. According to an analyst who participated in the conferences in Austin, the games for these new consoles will be pricier than the usual.

New Prices?

This prognosis was made by Michael Pachter who works as a game analyst. At SXSW, Pachter made a presentation that dealt with the next-generation video games. The highlight of it was the analyst’s prediction that Microsoft and Sony will offer games for their latest consoles at prices that are more expensive compared to their predecessors. Pachter believes that games titles for PS4 and the new Xbox will cost $70. That is $10 more than the games for the consoles from the 7th generation.


In addition, in his presentation, Pachter outlined the possible outcomes of the price rise. The analyst stated that the $70 increase will attract more publishers and developers. However, he also points that many users will not like the fact that they would need to pay more. Moreover, given that Wii U owners will continue to pay only $60 will make Xbox and PS users even more disappointed with the new pricing. That may result in sales drops. Nevertheless, Pachter predicts that they will be really minor. Also, the analyst thinks that Nintendo’s Wii U will not be able to challenge Xbox and PlayStation and that the two game consoles will remain market leaders.

Jack Tretton, SCEA’s President and CEO, already discussed publicly the prices of Sony’s next console. Tretton said that users will have the option to sample games before they decide to buy them. In addition, he mentioned that PS4 games will come at prices between $0.99 and a $60 range. The word “range” here hints that PlayStation 4 games may actually reach $70. Furthermore, it should be noted that Jack Tretton does not have the habit of announcing accurate prices.

From Sony and Microsoft still haven’t commented on these predictions. However, if they end up being true, the number of pirated Xbox and PS4 games may greatly increase.

Other Predictions

In his presentation, Pachter also stated that Microsoft’s new Xbox will enjoy bigger popularity and sales than Sony’s PlayStation 4. According to him, that will be mainly because of the Skype apps and the TV Tuner that are expected to be included in the giant’s next game console.

Despite that, the analyst does not exclude Sony from the gaming market leaders. Michael Pachter is certain that the company will be positioned really closely to Microsoft. In contrast, the analyst does not see a bright future for Nintendo and its Wii U console.

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