Apple launches low-cost iMac; Rumors about iPhone 5S abound


Apple surprisingly released a low-cost iMac that is developed to suit the needs of educational institutes. What do we mean by “surprisingly”? Well, traditionally Apple likes to release its products in a big and loud manner, high cost manner. That is why when the company presented its new low-cost iMac out of the blue it caught everyone unprepared. No momentum was built, neither a hype.

Apple’s new 21.5” product is set at the price of $1,099. The device is pretty similar to its pricier version with the exception of its smaller power capacity.

Despite that, the new iMac is a pretty robust machine. It has a total memory capacity of 500GB and 4GB of RAM. Also, the low-end device runs on an Intel i3 processor.

According to Apple, their product was developed exclusively for schools and higher education institutes. The affordable price of the device will allow schools and universities to purchase more computers for their students.

The bad news is that the budget-friendly 21.5” inch iMac can be only bought by education institutions and not by students.

iPhone 5S?

Rumors about the release dates of Apple’s formerly most anticipated products quickly took over the internet. It is reported that the company plans to introduce its new tablet computer iPad in April and its next smartphone iPhone 5S in August.

The news came from the website iMore which received this information from Apple insiders whose names or positions in the company are not specified. According to the tech site’s sources, Apple is currently thinking about releasing the 5th generation iPad sometime in April. In addition, the device might be introduced along with its smaller version the iPad Mini 2.

Also, the company is rumoured to release the upgraded iPhone 5S around August, 2013. It is predicted that the next iPhone will be more powerful and that it will rock an improved camera. There is still no information whether iPhone 5S will be a budget-friendly smartphone or not. As a matter of fact, there is no information if there will be a next-generation iPhone at all.

These dates are close to the early predictions made by analysts who pointed that Apple’s tablet will be launched in the spring. iPhone 5S, on the other hand, was expected to hit the stores after July and August is close enough to that date.