Microsoft Will Distribute Movies through Xbox


Like mobile phones, gaming consoles are not what they used to be. One of the most ambitious and popular console manufacturers Microsoft will start to distribute films via its Xbox 360.

Microsoft will first offer Xbox users a UK movie called Pulp. This is an independent picture that focuses on a character named Tony Leary who is portrayed by actor Jay Sutherland. Leary owns a store for comic books. However, he is dragged into a criminal storyline that includes some of his local competitors.

What is interesting about the film is that it will be directly and solely distributed through Xbox 360. That means that the people involved in its making rely entirely on Microsoft’s console to show their work to the world. Pulp will not be released in the theatres or in DVD or Blu-ray formats.

Microsoft StoreThe British flick is a low-budget production which, without the help of a major figure on the market like Microsoft Corp., will most likely not enjoy a big popularity. That is why Pulp’s director, Adam Hamdy, is really excited that the giant gave his work a chance. In addition, Hamdy says that today’s movie industry is quite different from the one that existed in the past. The filmmaker adds that through Xbox 360 he will be able to distribute his film to millions of people.

From Microsoft are also happy with the new partnership. Xbox’s product manager, Pav Bhardwaj, believes that this will suit all sides of the deal. Also, Bhardwaj states that Xbox consumers will also like the flick.

With this move, Microsoft will become part of a field which is currently dominated by Netflix and Amazon – the exclusive online content market. Amazon is presently developing its own original content, while Netflix is distributing some really big Hollywood productions. Its latest hit, for example, was the film House of Cards in with stars Kevin Spacey. Although, Microsoft Corp. is starting its new service with a low-budget indie movie in which there are not famous names, the company will most certainly aim for the massive and star-filled productions.

There is still no word whether Microsoft will distribute films on its new-gen Xbox console. However, many think that the giant will include the new service in its next gaming product. In fact, the common belief is that Microsoft may actually be giving us a sneak peek into the world of its upcoming console.

Pulp is already available for Xbox 360 users to purchase. The film will be offered in two versions – a standard definition one and version with HD quality. The standard definition can be bought for $14.75 or 1,120 Microsoft Points, while the HD one can be watched on the price of $17.75 or 1,420 Microsoft Points.

In addition, Microsoft will organize a competition to further promote the movie. The company is encouraging viewers to post their own video reviews on Pulp in YouTube. The best ones will have the opportunity to win $750 of Xbox games.

Microsoft Corp. still has not announced any date for the release of its next Xbox. However, it is believed that the new gaming console will hit the stores towards the end of 2013. Sony is too preparing to launch its PlayStation 4 around that time. That would mean only one thing – a rough console battle might be on it way. Therefore, both Microsoft and Sony need to surprise consumers with some new features.