World’s Most Admired Companies of 2013

One of America’s most popular business magazines announced its annual list of the “World’s Most Admired Companies.” The chart measures the reputations of over 1,400 of the most successful companies from various industries. The report is based on the ratings which executives, analysts and directors gave to the different businesses.

For the sixth time in a roll, the US-based Apple Inc. takes the first position on the list. In addition, Apple is not the only American company on the chart. US corporations seem to dominate Fortune’s 50 Most Admired taking the first 14 positions on the list. Also, tech corporations are the highest achievers in 2013. Here are the top 10 companies on Fortune’s chart:


Despite the fact that Apple Inc. is currently having a hard time on the stock market, the company managed to become the most admired for the sixth consecutive time. That is because Apple took the leading spots in many categories including the ones for social responsibility, innovation, financial soundness, global competitiveness, as well as quality of management. Moreover, the company’s net income now amounts to the astonishing $13 billion. This number officially makes Apple the most profitable company in the world.


The company was rated really high on use of corporate assets and people management. Even though Google is currently second on this list, it is predicted that in only a few months it will overtake the troubled Apple. That is due to the fact that Google’s Android OS and app store Google Play are continuing to mark large growth. In addition, the company owns one of the most visited websites – YouTube.

When it comes to online retailing, no one can really compete with The company works with many famous partners and it has a global influence which is still growing. Also, Amazon’s Kindle devices and its web services are enjoying a huge popularity. Rumour has it that the company is planning to release its very own smartphone. If that happens, Amazon may climb up the chart. The categories in which the company did best were quality of products/services and innovation.


Although studies and scientists continue to say that fizzy drinks are bad for our health, people continue to consume large quantities of coke. As a result, Coca Cola is still among the most admired companies on the globe. Over the past twelve months the Coca Cola did great in regions like Thailand and India. Also, it scored a worldwide sales growth. However, the real gold mine for Coca Cola this year was its new undertaking. The company made its first steps in the diary sector and showed a more health-concerned side to its consumers. That is probably why Coca Cola is rated as one of the most socially responsible corporations in 2013.


Starbucks The international coffee chain took the fifth spot on this list and the first on the Food Services chart. Starbucks was hit very badly by the financial crisis. The chain had to close many of its stores. However, now it is stably recuperating. Last year, for example, Starbucks managed to accumulate revenue of $13.3 billion which was a record for the company. Analysts, executives and directors point out Starbuck’s innovation and quality of products and services.


The IT sector today is among the most profitable industries, but it is also among the most competitive ones. Despite that IBM still continues to stay ahead of many of its rivals. Furthermore, the company had a very successful year on key markets like China, Russia, Brazil and India. IBM impresses in the categories financial soundness, use of corporate assets, as well as long-term investment.


This affordable airliner increased its income by 26% in 2012. Although, Southwest finds it hard to compete on an international level, it successfully attracts local clients with services like re-booking, for instance.

Berkshire Hathaway

Yet another US corporation on Fortune’s international Most Admired Companies list. Berkshire Hathaway is headed by Warren Buffett and it employs about 250,000 people. Only the cash holding of the company is estimated at $50 billion.

Walt Disney

Disney also ranks first on Fortune’s Entertainment list. It is very surprising and refreshing to see an entertainment company on the chart. You may wonder how Walt Disney managed to make its way through so many tech giants. Well, you shouldn’t be! Disney is making great investments and it now owns famous brands like Pixar Animation Studios and Marvel Entertainment. In addition, quite recently it bought LucasFilm which gives Disney the right to make the next Star Wars movies.


The company is still trying to get back on its feet after the financial crisis. However, that does not seem to stop it from sneaking into the top 10 Most Admired Companies. FedEx is ranked really high in people management and quality management categories.

In Fortune’s top 50 are also famous companies like Nike (18), Nestle (32) and the social network Facebook (48). Apple’s biggest rival Samsung is placed way back on the 35th spot. There are many other tech companies on the chart. Among them are Intel (42), eBay (47) and Cisco (49). Apart from the tech industry, there are a few other sectors that made it to the top 50 like automobiles, entertainments, finance and financial services, as well as shipping. However, there are a number of surprising entries like fashion brand Ralph Lauren (50) and carrier Singapore Airlines (31). The only hotel chain that managed to rank on Fortune’s Most Admired Companies was Marriott International which occupied the impressive 36th place. - Best Rate Gauranteed.

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