New Details on PlayStation 4 Emerge


A rich collection of PlayStation 4 photos were uploaded on the web. Unfortunately, they are not showing the physical box and the design of Sony’s new game console. What they are actually revealing is details on PlayStation 4’ s interface.

What is shown on the pictures is the console’s Home Screen, Profile Page, Share Screen, Live Stream Screen, friend’s feeds, as well as a Video Edit Screen. Some of the photos present the interface of the PlayStation App which will be available for smartphones and tablet PCs.

The first thing that can be concluded from the images is that the UI interface of PlayStation 4 is not the same as PS3’s XMB. Unlike XMB, the interface of Sony’s new game console pays more attention to games, sharing media, chat functions, as well as social services. All in all, the interface of the PS4 is pretty neat and clean. Also, UI appears to be very easy to use, especially when compared to XMB.

A nice touch in the PS4’s interface is the fact that it shows your game trophies right next to your profile picture. In that way users will show off their achievements and be more motivated to improve them.

As you may have heard, Sony’s latest console will have lots of social functions. For example, users will have the option to share screenshots from their gameplay via the DualShock 4 controller and, more specifically, via its Share button. In addition, you will be able to quickly view screenshots which your friends have shared with you.

The new look of PlayStation4 certainly impresses. Sony has obviously tried hard to replace PS3’ XBM with something that is more user-friendly and shiny. We remind you that some gamers did not approve of XBM. Many of them thought that it was too clumsy.

However, the interface shown in the screenshots is not the finalized product. It is highly probable that Sony will offer a slightly different version of it to users. That is because PlayStation 4 will be released towards the end of 2013. This means that the company will have plenty of time to rework and redesign some of it. Nevertheless, this is the basic framework of the interface of Sony’s new console.


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