Samsung Galaxy S3 price drops ahead of S4 release


Even before Samsung had announced its intentions to release the next-generation Galaxy S smartphone, people were talking about Galaxy S3 price drop. Now when the South Korean company informed that it will show off its newest handset on March 14, prices are expected to drop lower.

Price Drop Already Here

Samsung’s flagship device is now available at a cheaper price in India. When the smartphone was initially launched there, it cost around $800. Now, however, some online retailers in the country sell the handset for only $545. The situation is similar in the UK, where Amazon offers Galaxy S3 for a little over $530.

Various S3 promotions started lure consumers in the US. In the States, Staples sells a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 with a two-year contract for barely $99. In addition, the company will cut another $49 off the device’s price if users return their old smartphone.

This tendency may become more obvious after Samsung releases the S4 edition of Galaxy. We remind you that when the company launched its current flagship Galaxy S3 about half a year ago, its predecessor was remained on the market for quite a while. That will probably happen with Galaxy S3.

Was History Shows

In addition, Samsung has the habit of reducing the price of its previous device when its new model is released. That was the case with Galaxy S. Shortly after S2 hit the stores, Samsung Galaxy S started to sell on pretty affordable prices. The company did that in order to clean out the old model and make more room for S2. That was also seen with Galaxy S2 before and after the release of its successor. In fact, in some places, the cost of S2 dropped with nearly 50% off its 2011 price.

Now it seems that history is about to repeat itself. Moreover, if Galaxy S4 manages to greatly impress consumers and tech experts on March 14, S3’s current price may even drop with $100 or even $200.

The Bargain Factor

As you can imagine, this would be heartily welcomed by smartphone users. In the past, many people saw the price reductions of older Galaxy S models as a bargain. This is because some users are not interested in having a handset with the latest features and hardware. Instead, they prefer a top-selling smartphone at a budget-friendly price, old or new. If we really have to be honest, Samsung Galaxy S3 still has one of the best specs on the market. For instance, it rocks a large 4.8” display and a resolution of 1280×720. In addition, the phone has two quite nice cameras – 1.9Mp back camera and an 8MP front-faced one. Also, S3 is a really powerful machine with its 1.4GHz quad-core processor and an Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system.

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S4 will surely have better specifications, but it will also come at more expensive price. Buying the cheaper S3 may be a good option for some users.

So will you buy Samsung Galaxy S3 now when its price is dropping or you prefer to wait for the new S4?