Milan Fashion Week Introduces Byzantine Queens and Kajal Pastels

Although, a few personalities of the fashion world were disappointed with the last fashion week in Milan, saying that the show is no longer as prestigious as it was in the past, Milan Fashion Show is back with full speed. The event started on February 20 and it will end today. One thing is certain Milan Fashion Show is still among the highest-status fashion events. On the runway, most renowned fashion designers showed their vision for autumn/winter 2013-2014 season.

Dolce & Gabbana

Designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana had a very interesting inspiration for their autumn/winter collection. They shared that they created their vision basing it on the Cathedral of Moreale in Sicily and the medieval mosaics there and Saint Agatha, who is the saint of Catania. Therefore, religious symbols and iconography, as well as mosaics were a key feature in their show. One of the main fabrics in Dolce & Gabbana’s collection was silk which was sometimes mixed with brocade, gold and wool. As you can imagine, not many would have the desire to walk around dressed in clothes filled with religious signs. That is why, Dolce & Gabbana had prepared some garments that had simpler and cleaner designs and included herringbone here and there.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo’s collection was designed by Massimiliano Giornetti. The main colours in it were black, white gray and navy. Some of the outfits had a touch of asymmetry, while others cared a 60s vibe. A common combination at the show was short skirts and tailored jackets. However, the collection was too neat and clean and it offered nothing provocative and challenging.


Missoni decided to mix the practical with the practically unwearable. The autumn/winter collection of the famous brand showed off comfortable bathrobe coats and pyjama trousers from satin. Of course, Missoni could not exclude its knits elements and details. But the surprise came when the runway was taken over by knit bras and knit short dress without a back which seemed neither comfortable nor possible to wear. The colours were a combination between neons and simpler and more traditional tones like black, gray and white.

Giorgio Armani

One of the highlights of the week was Giorgio Armani’s collection. The designer had dubbed his show “Garconne.” The reason is that it combined female and male fashion elements. The collection’s idea is to popularize the mixing of various clothing pieces according to one’s mood or the time of the day. The trousers seemed to dominate one part of the show. Most of them were in velvet or black. Some of them had many ornaments on their zippers and lots pockets. There were also nice satin jackets with large buttons. The most common accessory in the collection was Amrani’s trademark hat. However, this time it was often seen in velvet. Like many other collections at this year’s Milan Fashion Week, Armani’s also showcases a lot of black outfits and pieces. They were diversified by tones of red, gray and navy from time to time. The designs were not bulky but rather well-fitted. The evening part of the collection was very stylish and classy and it too followed the general male-female theme of the show. It included evening tuxedos, sparkling jumpsuits and long dresses.

Emporio Armani

Armani had also prepared an Emporio collection for Milan. Unlike its previous one, this collection was much more feminine. The outfits were often in pastel colours and organza fabric. Here Armani combined the big and oversized with the mini. For example, miniskirts were mixed with oversized tops, while short dresses were seen in a combination with overcoats. Even clothing pieces which traditionally look more masculine were feminized. Double-breasted jackets were made a little rounder around the hem which made them appear very lady-like. The colours in the autumn-winter Emporio Armani collection were also quite feminine – purple, shades of the green and pink. The designer had also added some darker tones for contrast like blacks, grays, olive green and deep brown. The most impressive outfit in the evening section was probably the hourglass red dress. It has a low V neckline and it gives many opportunities for accessorizing. Some of the shoes in the collection, however, were more masculine. They were mainly flat or laced-up. Again, there the hats were a nice accent, especially bowlers.

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