Students and Teachers Privilege: Windows 8 Pro Special Offer


Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating systems continue to attract more and more consumers with its innovative design and technology. The Pro Pack of the company’s latest OS quickly became one of the most popular editions of Windows 8. That is mainly because it offers new and unique features that can make your everyday life and work easier than ever.

Now Microsoft is sharing its creation with students and teachers through a new bargain promotion. Windows 8 Pro special offer is available for pupils and faculty with an exclusive price of $69.99.

This academic offer is worth investing in for a number of reasons. First, the pro version of Windows 8 has many functions that are ideal for both students and teachers. For example, it will keep their entire data safe thanks to its BitLocker encryption drive. Also, Windows 8 Pro will give a max level of security to students and teachers. The operating system’s SmartScreen function has the power to protect you from malicious software and websites. As a result, the user’s privacy, all files and information stored on the device, as well as the device itself will be completely secured. In addition, SmartScreen will keep viruses away from your system and computer.

Another big advantage of Windows 8 Pro for students and faculty is that it supports Remote Desktop Connection. That will enable them to access a computer’s file, software and network systems remotely from another device. For example, teachers will be able to connect to their work computer from home. In that way they will freely access all materials and content on the other device and be more productive.

In addition, Microsoft has made upgrading to Windows 8 Pro pretty easy. The only requirement is that your PC must run on Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or some other edition of Windows 8. Those who are currently working on Windows 7 operating systems will be happy to learn that their files, programs and settings will be quickly transferred to the Pro Pack version.

Also, for another $14.95, students and teachers will get a backup disk with the operating systems. The disk contains the software program and it will allow them to reinstall the pack in case of performance issues.