Mobile Video Consumption Higher Than Ever


More and more people watch videos on the Internet through their smartphones and tablets

A video monetization company, has found that mobile video consumption has reached record levels towards the end of last year. FreeWheel has just announced this information through its annual report on video monetization. According to it, 12% of all web videos were watched on mobile devices in the last quarter of 2012.

The reported 12% may not seem much to you. However, FreeWheel’s previous research has discovered that in 2011 this percentage was equal to barely 2%. This means that for a year, the mobile video consumption has spiked with the staggering 10%!

Like in 2011, Apple’s smart devices still rule the mobile video viewing. During the last months of 2012, the company’s products held a 60% share of the mobile video market. FreeWheel’s report points out that iPhone users were more active than the iPad ones.

Second on the list are Android devices with a share of 31% followed by Microsoft’s popular game console Xbox. In comparison, Sony’s PlayStation held only 1% of the mobile video consumption market.

According to FreeWheel’s report, over the last four months of 2012, over 1.8 billion videos were watched on devices with Android and iOS operating systems. That was found to be 30% more than the previous quarter of year.

In addition, the study states that Android could have done better if there were more tablet computers that ran on the Linux-based OS. As you may know, Android smartphone continue to greatly outnumber Android tablets. Despite that, mobile video consumption on Android devices saw a rise of views. For only one year, online videos that were watched on mobile smart products on this operating system increased with about 600,000 views reaching a total of more than 1.2 million.

The report has also found that some devices are still struggling in this sector. SymbianOS, Wii and WebOS mobile devices held only 0.04% of the video consumption market.


  1. Mobile video will continue to expand with the spread of apps that allow users to create original content using their mobile devices.