Google Prepares to Open Chain of Retail Stores


Google is said to follow the steps of its competitors Microsoft and Apple. The company may soon open a chain of its very own retail stores.

The information came from the website, which claims that it received these details from very trustworthy insiders. In addition, the site was the first to publish a report on Google’s retail stores plans.

Although Google still haven’t confirmed the news, this sounds quite logical. The giant is now focusing more and more on electronic and mobile devices and is doing pretty well on the tech market. Also, the company is even presenting its own software products. Opening a chain of retail stores will allow Google to better promote its product lineup like Chromebooks, Google’s Nexus series and others.

Despite the fact that Google Inc. does not yet operate its retail store or stores, it has already established retail presence on the market. The company has kiosks on key Best Buy Co. locations to showcase its Chrome devices.

ApplestoreNewYorkCity2 Google’s biggest rivals Microsoft and Apple operate stores all over the globe and they are enjoying a huge popularity. In fact, Microsoft Corp. announced that it will open a number of new retail stores. From Apple are also very proud of their store presence and performance. Tim Cook, Chief Executive of the company, recently shared his satisfaction with the success of Apple’s store chain. Last week at the San Francisco Goldman Sachs conference, Cook said that Apple is very optimistic about the reach of its retail stores. He added that the giant will not stop investing in them.

Google’s retail stores are expected to open doors towards the end of the year, just in time for the holiday season. Most likely, the first shops will be located in some of world’s biggest and most populated cities. The Dubai Mall, with its impressive footfall of 64 million visitors in 2013 only, could be the right candidate to host one of the first Google retail stores.