Valentine’s Gifts on a Shoestring


We’re only a day away from Valentine’s Day and many of us have already bought gifts for our loved ones. But why do we need to spend money celebrating our love, especially in these times of economic uncertainty? There are plenty of great ideas for Valentine’s gifts on a shoestring budget.

Adults across the world are estimated spending billions on Valentine’s Day gifts and romantic trips in the lead-up to February 14 this year. Valentine’s Day is actually the second highest grossing holiday, after Christmas of course, which is a little weird, assuming it’s not even a “real” holiday. And the bigger question – why spending money to celebrate feelings? The answer is in the modern human nature, part of our consuming society, to feel a need to show how much we love someone with material things. Even when our love is true and deep, we buy things and the more expensive they are, the more we like them. The truth is, we just don’t need to.

If you express love in more unconventional way, it might be more meaningful and memorable than a pricey diamond ring. Here are some simple and affordable ideas for the perfect Valentine’s gifts on a shoestring.

Online stores are maybe the best option when shopping on a shoestring budget. For example Amazon is now offering a 100 Must-Have Love Song Classics, an album of MP3s which is only $0.99, or almost free. The thing is that, if you buy the songs individually, you will have to pay $0.99 for each, so even if you don’t like them all, it’s still a great deal to purchase the album. And as the name suggests, these are relaxing classic songs, or to be exact, classical and orchestral music, which is really nice to listen if you love classical composers such as Schubert, Puccini, Debussy, Tchaikovsky and so on.

Another great choice are the customized do-it yourself gifts – from V-day cards made from colour paper to baked desserts and heart-shaped candies. You can buy them, they are really affordable, but you can also create them yourself at home with just a little imagination. You can bake a cake and put a personalized message on it, instead of the traditional I Love You. For example, “Sorry for throwing your old baseball cap”, or “Let’s spend the night playing Xbox together”.

You can write a nice love letter and put it in the bathroom so the person you live with will be surprised early in the morning. You can make some red cocktails with grenadine or just food colouring you have at home. Make a gift vouchers redeemable for kisses and spread them all over the house. You can also go to a nighttime picnic and gaze at the stars together.

Just be creative and your loved one will be delighted with your attention and expression of affection and gratefulness. Valentine’s gifts on a shoestring could be much more fun than extravagant gifts.

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