Good news for 13” MacBook Pro Valentines


Apple lowered the price of the base edition of the 13” MacBook Pro laptop. The Retina screen device now costs $200 less. That is due to the fact that the giant is currently improving its high-end laptops . That happens shortly after Apple Inc. announced that it Mac sales for the holiday season have dropped.

Some investors believed that the company’s tablet, iPad, is taking over the market share of Mac devices. However, Tim Cook, the Chief Executive of the company assured that there is no place for such worries.

Apple managed to sell over 4 million Mac computers during the holiday quarter. That is more than 20% lower compared to a year ago.

In addition, Apple did not meet the predictions of Wall Street for a third quarter in a row. That was because iPhone sales didn’t reach the expected target. That made many people think that the giant is losing its leading position on the tech market.

A few days ago, Apple informed that the base edition of MacBook Pro with Retina screen will cost $1,499. Also, it unveiled a model with 256GB flash memory version and a 2.6GHz processor for $1,699.

In addition, the company reduced the price of the 256GB edition of the 13” MacBook Air to $1,299.

Apple also added a faster 2.4GHz quad-core processor to the 15” MacBook Pro. The high-end 15” notebook, on the other hand, got a 2.7GHz quad-core processor and a memory boost making it total capacity 16GB.

Apple Inc. shares are down by 0.45% and now trade at $465.8.