Apple Rumoured to be Working on a Wearable Computer


Apple is experiencing difficulties lately to stay ahead of competition. Its products sales are slowing down and stock value is rapidly declining. Other tech companies are proving to be a big completion on the market. As a result, many shareholders chose to cash out of Apple’s shares. A big part of them fear that after the 30% stock drop since September 2012, the slump may continue and share price will fall even more.

That creates the need for a new revolutionary Apple product. If the company wants to get back in the game and keep its sharehoders happy, it needs to develop something brand new and unseen. There are rumours that Apple Inc. is already making steps in that direction. According to some sources, the giant is working on a wristwatch computer.

The company is said recently has gathered a special team that is presently developing a smart watch or iWatch. It consists of managers, as well as hardware and software engineers who were also part of the iPhone and iPad projects. It is reported that the team consists of around 100 people. According to some, the team’s big size means that Apple is not simply working on a prototype, but on an actual product. This is not surprising, as we already have seen Sony’s watch that can connect to mobile phones and other mobile devices. So, the main concept is not a novelty, it exist at all.

The new gadget will probably be based on the company’s smartphone and tablet devices and it will include some of their main features. If Apple really designs an iWatch, it will offer something interesting on the tech market. In addition, it will be a nice addition to the giant’s ecosystem. It won’t be, however, a groundbreaking innovation that will trigger the shares 50% higher.

There are even predictions about the consumer attention towards the wearable computer. It is expected that the product will follow the path of Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices. Some believe that at first Apple’s smart watch will be underrated. However, with time it will become an integrate part of our everyday lives just like touchscreen smartphones.

Although it has never launched them on the market, Apple has worked on wearable devices in the past. But despite its experience in the sphere, developing a smart watch may prove challenging. For example, creating a robust battery that could last longer than a day is something really hard to do.

Google is also working on a wearable computer. The company is preparing to launch smart eyeglasses next year.

From Apple, as usual, people refuse to comment on the iWatch rumours.


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