Microsoft Surface Pro Sold Out Not Long After its Debut



Although many people were criticizing Microsoft’s Surface Pro, the tablet was completely sold out shortly after its launch. Microsoft Corp. officially released it latest Windows 8 product this Saturday. Only a few hours later, the 128GB version of the device was out of stock.

Surface Pro was quickly sold out at many big online stores, including Microsoft’s own e-shop. However, things did not end here. As soon as consumers found that Surface Pro is currently unavailable online, they headed to the brick-and-mortar retail stores near them. The result was mile-long queues. A few hours later, Surface Pro 128 GB was again sold out.

It seems that Microsoft’s new approach and updates on its latest tablet gave excellent results after all. The company decided to make the Pro model of Surface easier to work with compared to Surface RT. Microsoft’s latest product has more capabilities and less app restrictions than its predecessor.

The tech giant was quite happy to see that consumers like the device. In addition, the company assured that it will soon restock the 128GB edition of the tablet on both online and brick-and-mortar stores.

But despite the huge consumer response, tech geeks and analysts continue to be skeptical about Surface Pro’s success. Many believe that the new tablet will have a hard time competing with RT’s sales which are estimated at around 1.3 million sold units.

However, the demand for Surface Pro remains strong. The good news for users is that they can still purchase the 64GB edition of Microsoft’s tablets which is also cheaper.

Prices for Surface Pro start at $899. In addition, consumers can choose whether they want to get a keyboard cover for their device. The special keyboards are offered for $120 and they easily transform the tablet into a mini laptop.

Microsoft’s latest product is different from the previous Surface models. The device is shaped like a tablet but it has all the capabilities of a computer. That allows consumers to use older applications for Windows.