A Few Interestingly Dressed Stars posed on 2013 Grammys Red Carpet Too


The Grammy Awards 2013 ceremony was the night when many celebrities took a chance with different styles and looks and some of them did a really great job. Others decided to be outside the box and overdid with their efforts to be unique or fashionable.

Usually, the music industry doesn’t have to obey the strict rules of fashion and tries to be more creative at special and prestigious events such as the Grammy Awards. We can often see extravagant and innovative dresses, as well as excessive nudity, colour, gold and many others pompous and overblown ideas. Last night at the 55th Grammy Awards some celebs opted for outrageous dresses that will definitely bring them strong criticism and disapproval by some for a while. Although the pretty disciplinary dress code of the ceremony was announced in advance, some of the stars decided to ignore it, so these are some of the worst dressed celebrities on the 2013 Grammys.

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet New Zealand half of Gotye feat. Kimbra duo, singer Kimbra shocked fashion traditionalists at last night’s event with her too sheer dress, which was actually hardly a dress. The interesting outfit was weird and even the additional little veil around her shoulders couldn’t save her. The look is a bit like of a mermaid turning posh for a galla and it gives a fluid or airy feeling. It could also remaind a bit of Tinkerbell. It is not an ugly or worst dress – it is just different and it depends on your personal preferences how you see it.

Extravagant lead singer of Florence and the Machine, Florence Welch appeared in a sparkling green gown by Givenchy which looked more like a reptile-inspired sci-fi costume.

Singer D’manti also appeared almost naked, with a fishnet dress resembling a few black and silver dyed leaves stuck to her body. Actually, her mistake is not only about nudity, in violation of the dress code, it’s about lack of any common sense.

Singer Katy Perry stunned a lot of her fans with her mint gown showing her perfect figure. Well, we all know the 70s are long gone and Katy is forgiven. However, the floral elements around her chest look cheap and plastic, but many still liked her in her breast revealing outfit. Fresh as always, the singer is fast becoming many’s favorite.

Jennifer Lopez, although in a simple black dress, totally ignored the wardrobe advisory and showed off her whole leg. This is officially a trademark of Angelina Jolie and no one else can strike a pose like her revealing a leg. The one-shouldered, one-legged look seemed fine, but maybe appropriate for some other event, not the Grammys red carpet.

Here are few other looks that are nice:


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