Microsoft Reveals Exclusive Pre-Launch Details on Surface Pro


In only two days Microsoft will release its new tablet Surface Pro. The device is said to be a better and more robust than its predecessors. Although Surface Pro will hit the stores on February 9, tech experts and geeks are already writing reviews about Microsoft’s upcoming product. Many praise the device, but there are also some who are not impressed by some of the specs of the latest Surface. That is why Microsoft Corp. decided to hold a question-and-answer discussion with consumers and address some of their main concerns.

The engineering team that worked on Surface Pro took web platform Reddit to answer various questions prior to the tablet’s release. There, Microsoft’s team teased about some capabilities of the device and improvements that are on their way. Among them were external batteries for the latest Surface.


The team hinted that Surface Pro will be able to connect to external batteries. They said that they have already added magnetic accessory connectors to the device which can transfer current from the accessory to the battery.

However, from Microsoft stated that the external batteries will not be launched together with the tablet, but somewhere in the near future. In addition, there is a chance that all that can come with a keyboard.

Surface Pro’s engineering team shared some other details from Microsoft’s kitchen. They explained why the new Surface is released three months after Surface RT. They team claims that the company has started developing the Pro version of the tablet three months after they began working on the RT model.

In addition, Microsoft’s team addressed consumers’ concern about the resolution of the Surface Pro and it transfer on external monitor. Users are worried that the extremely high resolution of the device’s screen will cause viewing problems when the picture is transferred to external monitors. The team shared that they are already trying to add some improvements to the tablet’s external display qualities. Although they were not able to specify any dates, Microsoft’s team assured consumers that the solution is on its way.

Microsoft will release its Surface Pro tablet on February 9 (Saturday). The device is announced to have a 10.6” HD screen with a resolution of 1920×1080 px and a dual-core 1.7GHz processor.