New Media Group Celebrates Dubai Chronicle’s 6th Birthday


New Media Group specializes in new media – a blend of social media and digital publishing. The company provides various top-quality publishing, content marketing and social media services focused on business and lifestyle in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Although it was founded not long ago, New Media Group is already enjoying a promising steady growth.

NEW MEDIA 2 (1) New Media Group is currently working on a number of website and social media projects. One of the biggest and most famous web undertakings of New Media Group is the This month the company will celebrate six years since the official launch of the news portal. Dubai Chronicle is known as one of the leading top 10 online publications in Dubai. attracts thousands of visitors every day by providing exclusive, tailor-made and very relevant content. Dubai Chronicle provides both regional and global point of view and news coverage, giving visitors more choice of topics than any other website on the modern local market.

Successful 2012

The second half of 2012 was a very successful for New Media Group. The company released four new websites that focus on different fields, topics and readership. One of them is the online daily Bride & Wedding Magazine ( This project is dedicated entirely to wedding-related matters like engagements, wedding planning, wedding style and trends, as well as brides and grooms. In addition, Bride & Wedding provides information about top honeymoon and wedding destinations, resorts, vendors and venues. Together with its partners, New Media Group offers many special offers and bridal promotions on the website that can help couples organize their Big Day in style.

In 2012, New Media Group launched a new news website – Gulf Newswire ( Unlike Dubai Chronicle, Gulf Newswire focuses on companies news from the entire Gulf area. However, the site is different from all other regional online news projects because it offers content appreciated by both Gulf and international audience. The content is diverse, trustworthy and always up-to-date.

Triggered by the ever-growing tourism sector, New Media Group recently launched Hotel Newswire ( The website focuses on every aspect of tourism and traveling – from tips, hotel reviews to hotel deals, travel ideas, charts and holiday promotion. The company developed Hotel Newswire as an informational resource for people who love to travel and explore the world.

Just before the 2012 winter holiday season, New Media Group surprised its readers and followers with a Christmas & New Year project ( The website offers a unique and fresh look on these traditional celebrations with columns and article’s dedicated to holiday shipping advice, Christmas decoration and even celebrities’ news. The team behind the website hunts down and then publishes all the latest and best holiday gift and travel deals. Visitors can always be sure to find interesting, useful and merry content on Christmas & New Year.

Promising 2013

Even though 2013, is just beginning, New Media Group has reached new heights by adding new fans and members to its online family. The company did not waste any time after the holiday season and embarked not on one, but on two online web projects – Top Holiday Deals ( and Weight Loss Express (

Due to the pressuring demand of consumers and retailers, New Media Group launched Top Holiday Deals in the dawn of 2013. This website is different. On it, visitors can find latest information about seasonal sales, shopping news and exclusive offers on holiday packages and various worth-buying products. Top Holiday Deals enjoys the attention not only of bargain hunters, but also that of the average consumers from all over the world.

New Media Group’s latest project is Weight Loss Express. The website was inspired by the struggle and dedication of people fighting one of the biggest life-threatening issues today – obesity. Weight Loss Express offers rich and helpful content like diet plans and reviews, lifestyle-improvement suggestions, workout tips, as well as many health-friendly nutrition and weight-loss products.

New Media Group would like to thank all of its fans, clients and partners for the inexhaustible support over the years.

You can follow the company’s future development and projects on its social media pages on Facebook, Twitter (@NewMediaGroup2) and Google+.