Top 5 Valentine’s Day Windows Phone Apps


One year ago, an employee of Microsoft Corp. decided to use technology to attract the love of a woman. He had his heart stolen by a pretty girl. However, this guy had problems to impress his dream lady. Apparently she believed the two should remain just friends.

Microsoft StoreBut all that changed. Microsoft’s software design engineer decided to create a special “love” app for Windows Phone 8. He then used it to propose to his over-a-year-long crush on last year’s Valentine’s Day. It worked! Reynolds’ love agreed to marry him and the couple tied the knot in September. Now, on February 14th, they will celebrate their first year together.

Combining love and technology may sound just perfect for tech enthusiasts. They can use today’s smart software and devices to express their love just like painters and singers used their talent to impress the object of their interest.

Valentine’s Day Windows Phone Apps can be one very interesting and fresh approach, although a little far fetched, to propose to someone or just to tell them that you love them. You should think about it only if your someone works in technology field and uses Microsoft products.

There is a number of Valentine’s Day Windows Phone Apps that yo may review if you take the matter seriously:

Perfect Date Pro – Coming up with an idea for an original and impressive date is always hard. But this app can give you a ton of date ideas. From barbecues, dog walks and bowling to sports cars test-driving. The application allows you to specify the budget, place and the season of the date. After that it comes up with a list of nice suggestions. In addition, the app advices you how to act in order to charm your date. However, remember to read and learn the tips before the actual date. It will be suspicious and rude if you are constantly looking at your smartphone while you are in a restaurant, for example.

Valentine Cards – One of the most popular children traditions on the romantic holiday are the Valentine’s Day cards. They are often accompanied with chocolates or teddy bears and are send to the prettiest girl or boy in the class. Grown-ups who are feeling nostalgic can use this app to create customized Valentine cards. The only thing they need to do is to select a picture of themselves, their crush or both of them together. After that they can choose a frame for it and they are ready in no time.

Fandango – This is not your regular movie app. With it users can buy movie tickets, watch trailers, read reviews and many more. You can use Fandango to show your date how organized you are. The app will help you prepare everything in advance so you won’t waste any time when you go in the theatre.

Urbanspoon – Finding a free table in a restaurant on Valentine’s Day is nearly impossible. However, Urbanspoon will enable you to reserve a table and receive an instant confirmation through your Windows phone. The app offers a choice of more than 800,000 restaurants. Also, Urbanspoon can find the top restaurants in your area, compare prices, find information about the cuisines the offer, read and post reviews and photos.

Netflix – Those of you, who prefer to stay home on Valentine ’s Day and spend a romantic and peaceful evening with their love, can download the Netflix app. It will allow you to watch a movie or create a film-watch list. Apart from Windows Phones, you can also use the application on Xbox LIVE or Microsoft Surface tablets.


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