Will Microsoft’s Surface Pro Defeat the iPad


Microsoft will soon launch its new tablet device Surface Pro. With it, the company will try to further popularize its new operating system. However, the leading position on today’s tablet market is comfortably taken by Apple’s iPad. In addition, it is said that the giant is planning to release a 128GB iPad that will be even harder to compete with. So does Surface Pro have the potential to take the place of the popular iPad? Let us see!

Memory Capacity

If Apple does launch a 128GB version of the iPad, the tablet will be able to store more than 300,000 applications. That means that the device will offer more entertainment and business features than ever before. In addition, Apple has developed a pretty nice business environment that can add to the experience. However, no matter the size of its memory capacity, the iPad is above all a consumption tablet. It fails to offer more specialized and targeted functions that can be used by a bigger variety of professionals.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet, on the other hand, will come with only 64GB internal memory part of which is taken by the Windows 8 OS. But lately, Microsoft is investing more in its cloud platform SkyDrive. The company has made it more accessible and advanced than ever before. Moreover, SkyDrive is integrated in a big part of Microsoft’s newest products like Office 2013, for example. In that way, users can quickly upload or view a huge amount of files without overloading their device’s memory. That gives a big advantage to Surface Pro. In addition, Microsoft Corp. has more experience in developing business software and many company owners and professionals have already trusted their work into the giant’s hands.


Popular Software

That leads us to the second major advantage of Surface Pro. Microsoft’s latest tablet will offer the Windows 8 experience, as well as all the Office apps. Although Apple is making some progress in creating office apps, Microsoft’s products are more familiar to consumers all over the world. If a company decides to use the Office pack and the Windows OS in their work, they will not need to train their employees to work with these programs. However, if a business goes with iPad and Apple’s alternatives to the well-known Office, there will need to be some preparatory training. As you can imagine, that will cost more money and take more time.

What we can conclude is that on February 9th Microsoft will launch a promising tablet that may easily steal the throne from Apple’s iPad. Surface Pro has better integration in its media environment than iPad. Also, Microsoft’s device comes with many trusted apps and software that are equally good for both pleasure and business.