How Mobile Devices are Transforming Shopping


The number of people who use smartphones and tablets continues to increase. Today, mobile devices are part of our every-day routine activities. These gadgets have a powerful influence on our lives and specifically our shopping habits.

Consumers Love Smart Electronics

In some countries, about 60% of the population owns a tablet, a smartphone or even both. Interestingly, the users of smart mobile devices are of various ages including primary school students. It is expected that by 2013, this trends will continue to rise.

As a result, many people today worry that mobile commerce may turn in-store shopping into a rare sight. But how do smart devices transform the shopping experience?

Smartphones and tablets became extremely popular shopping tools thanks to their countless features and capabilities. For instance, their Internet connectivity allows consumers to use them for online shopping. In addition, functions like NFC and app support make them the perfect electronic wallet.

How we use them?

A large amount of the owners of mobile devices use them in the shopping process – browsing the web for products, reading product reviews and buying products. That shows that mobile commerce has already found its place in the shopping industry.

However, for now, most consumers use their smartphones and tablets to research and compare products. That is due to the fact that people still believe that m-commerce hides big risks. Users are particularly not trusting mobile payment services like NFC and payments through apps.

Despite that, almost every smartphone and tablet consumer has bought something online at least once. That is because mobile devices provide easy and fast access to online stores and people are sooner or later temped to give m-commerce a try.

How does this change retailers and brands?

The majority of retail companies now realize that in-store shopping is not the only type of shopping. E-products are often cheaper than those offered in bricks-and-mortar shops. That is way more and more people decide to do their shopping online. Retailers see that and are forced to reduce the prices of their products in order to remain competitive and relevant.

In addition, mobile devices make retailers rethink and redesign their marketing strategies and tools. Stores develop their own apps or online shops to keep their clients interested and updated.

Bottom Line

The mobile tech revolution is on and it is taking over shopping. Retailers and business that fail to keep up with it risk losing their position on the market and in their consumers’ lives.

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