Top 10 Stories on Dubai Chronicle on February 3rd


Here are the top stories on Dubai Chronicle on 3rd of February 2013.To read the complete articles, click on the bolded headline.

How Important Are Your Social Network Connections

Facebook friends are important, but is it really necessary to expand our online network of friends and connections? How many friends do you actually need?

Gold hedging strategies for emerging markets

The World Gold Council posted a new report on gold as investor’s tool. Investors in emerging markets can use gold to reduce exchange-rate risk. This also benefits the cost efficiency. 

Despite dip in Q4, Emaar posts 18% rise in annual profit

Despite recording a loss in Q4, Dubai-based Emaar Properties posted an 18% rise in annual profit in 2012, boosted by strong revenues from its retail and hospitality assets. 

How to Use Effectively Google+ for Marketing

Social media is an essential and very beneficial marketing tool for businesses. Many companies have their own networks of social profiles which they use to prome their products and services, as well as to attract new consumers.  

Why Families Should Subscribe to Microsoft Office 2013

Subscriptions to office software are not enjoying a huge popularity among consumers. That is because not many people see the point in paying a monthly fee for it. 

BlackBerry 10 – Reviews Positive, Consumers Not So Much

Yesterday, RIM made its comeback by unveiling a new product lineup. At a special event the Canadian tech manufacturer RIM announced that it is changing its name to Blackberry. 

Excellent Customer Service is a Profitable Imperative

Today, business establishments and entreprises focus more and more on selling their products. As a result, often some cheat or sting their clients. 

How to make your Visuals Presentation important

It is incredibly important for project creators to create the best possible campaigns if they want to be successful. One main ingredient here is the visual aid. […]

Top 10 Gold Mining Companies

After a research on the we, Dubai Chronicle’c team put up together a list with top 10 gold mining companies in the world. […]