Top Windows 8 Apps for Students


Today, children start to use computers, smartphones and tablets from a very young age. Many parents and child experts believe that this is very wrong. They claim that early exposure to technology can bring up individuals who are lazy and distracted. That may be true, but there it is practically impossible to change the world we live in or isolate all kids from the technological advancements. What we can do is embrace smart mobile technologies the best way we can.

Windows Apps StoreThat is now possible thanks to Microsoft’s Windows 8 App Store. The catalogue of the company’s app center is rich and impressive and it is organized into different categories. One of them is dedicated entirely to educational applications for Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 8. There, student of all ages can find apps that can greatly help them in their studies. We have prepared the 8 best of them.

Wikipedia – Wikipedia is the first place where students search for information. The articles on the popular website are updated regularly and they include many details, figures and resources. With this app, you can access Wikipedia faster than ever. In addition, it has a nice interface which is adapted to Windows 8 devices.

SAS Flash Cards – One of the most effective ways to learn your school or university material is by using the so-called “flash cards”. But making traditional flash cards from paper takes ages. This app, however, allows users to create an entire set of cards in a matter of minutes. Also, the cards can be divided into different subject categories which make studying easier and more fun than ever before.

Kindle Reader – If you don’t have a Kindle eBook reader, you can use your Windows 8 device. Just install this app and the Kindle world will land in your smartphone, tablet or laptop. With the Kindle Reader W8 app, you can also organize and store all of your favourite books.

My Study Life – This application is the mobile version of the website My Study Life. The app can be very useful for students in terms of school and university organization. There you can store all the information you want like homeworks, assignments and papers. In addition, you can create your own school calendar that will remind you of your upcoming exams, for instance.

Mathrathon – This Windows 8 app gives you the chance to practice and improve your Math skills. Even people who hate the subject will enjoy this application since it is developed in the form of a game.

Wordament – Just like the previous app, Wordament is an educating game. In it, players need to find all the words they can in a yellow box filled with letters. Warning: this app can lead to an addiction!

HowStuffWorks – If students’ books are too hard for you to understand, then you should download this application. It will explain you everything you want to learn in an easy-to-understand way.

Periodic Table – Any student needs to have this Windows 8 app on their phone. The periodic table shown on the application is very detailed and it gives physical information of all the chemical elements in it.

There is one main reason why these Windows 8 apps are appropriate for students. Apart from useful, they are completely free! All you need to do is go to Microsoft’s Windows 8 App Store, download the applications you want and install them onto your device. After you do that, you are ready to fill your head with some new knowledge.