Preview: Mobile World Congress 2013


What to expect

The Mobile World Congress (WMC) in Barcelona is the biggest exhibition of mobile technology. Some of the most famous and successful tech companies use the event to introduce their latest and most innovative devices.

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This year’s Mobile World Congress will start on February 25th and it will continue until February 28th. Among the companies that have confirmed their participation are Nokia, eBay, Intel, Huawei, LG, Alcatel, Samsung, Qualcomm, HTC, Sony, ZTE, Ericsson, Google, BlackBerry (previously known as Research in Motion) and many more. Last year UAE-based telco Etisalat demonstrated Mobile Baby.

It is expected that WMC 2013 will be bigger than ever. The reason is that a number of companies and manufacturers skipped the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In addition, there were some that showed off minor products at CES and kept the best for later and possibly for WMC.

Now when the exhibition is less than a month away, the speculations about the devices we are about to see in Barcelona increase with the speed of the light. Here’s what may happen at this year’s World Mobile Congress.


Nokia was one of the tech companies that did not offer us anything new at CES 2013. That is why it is highly likely that the mobile giant will surprise us with something big this time. There are some rumours in the web that claim that the company will unveil a Windows RT tablet device at WMC in Barcelona. That is quite possible. Nokia is now increasingly working with Microsoft and it is promoting its mobile operating system. In addition, Nokia is known for its big lineup of mobile products. A tablet would be a logical continuation of the company’s strategy. The device is said to have a Snapdragon processor and a 10” screen.


At CES, Samsung’s focus was far from mobile devices. That was a bit disappointing for tech geeks since everyone though that the company will introduce its Galaxy S4 smartphone and the show. That did not happen and it is not really expected to happen at WMC. Not long ago, Samsung showed off a flexible handset. However, for now the device is being referred to as a prototype. Another product that probably won’t be seen at WMC is the 7” Galaxy Note tablet. Samsung is now said to be leaving this project behind and pay more attention on bigger tablets with 10-inch displays.

But what will Samsung exhibit in Barcelona? Again not much. It is expected that the South Korean company will show a HD hybrid mobile device and a new edition of Galaxy Young Duos. In addition, Samsung may decide to introduce its very first smartphone that runs on the Tizen operating system.


With Intel, the news is more specific and official. The company announced that it will unveil some Android devices and new technologies for smartphones. Intel will also showcase its new dual core graphic platform.


Like Nokia, HTC did revealed little in Las Vegas. That is why it is expected that the giant will introduce its M& smartphone in Barcelona. It is rumoured that the new device will have an impressive 1080p resolution and a bug 5” display. Also, HTC may decide to announce something about its Sense 5 handset. HTC seems to be a fan of the World Mobile Congress. Last year, it used it to unveil the One X smartphone. So we are hoping that HTC will make a big show in Barcelona.


Sony was one of the few that gave us a lot at CES. But, it terms of mobile devices, it showcased only Xperia ZL. Lately, the company has been working on two smartphones – C530X and C550X. The two devices use the 4.1 Jelly bean version of Android and are the most likely candidates for WMC 2013.


LG made it clear – it will show off tis new smartphone lineup at this year’s World Mobile Congress. The company will introduce a number of smartphones which are said to come in many different screen sizes. In addition, LG may unveil its high-end device Optimus G2 which is a combination between a tablet and a smartphone. Also, the manufacturer’s L Series are expected to be soon updated. What better place for that than WMC?


In Las Vegas, Huawei introduced not one but three smartphones – Ascend Mate, Ascend D2 and Ascend W1. Surprisingly, the company will participate in the Barcelona exhibition. There it will release two handsets. One of them will be a new version of Ascend P1 and its will rock metallic chassis. The other phone may be Ascend W2 which runs on Windows 8. The device is predicted to have lots of hardware improvements like a 4.5” screen, an 8MP camera and a dual-core processor.


ZTE may focus on large-screen mobile devices at WMC 2013. The most anticipated of them is ZTE Grand Memo which has a quad-core processor and a 6.3” display. The second ZTE product that may be unveiled in Barcelona is the 6.3” Nubia Z7. The device has a 4GB of RAM and a massive 16MP camera with a 2560×1440 pixel resolution. Sounds great, doesn’t it.

A new hardware is expected by Fujitsu, Acer, Alcatel and Asus, while Nvidia and Qualcomm will focus on processors for mobile devices. Like on CES 2013, Apple will not participate in the 2013 World Mobile Conference.