Why Families Should Subscribe to Microsoft Office 2013


Subscriptions to office software are not enjoying a huge popularity among consumers. That is because not many people see the point in paying a monthly fee for it. However, Microsoft may be on the way to change this common opinion with its new Office 2013.

Microsoft StoreMicrosoft Corp. is now offering a new software purchase option for its Office 2013. Apart from the boxed edition of the software that is sold in stores, consumers now have the chance to purchase Office programs through an online subscription service – Office 365. The Home Premium version of the service’s software is available for only $99. It can be installed on up to five different electronic devices. This makes the service incredibly suitable for families. That is because nowadays households often have more than one device that uses office programs like PCs and laptops.

By subscribing to Microsoft’s Office service for an year, families will enjoy almost every bit and piece of the Office pack like Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote. In addition, they will be able to use the Office on Demand service that will allow them to access the Office programs on every computer that runs on Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating systems.

Also, families will receive an additional 20GB on Microsoft’s cloud service SkyDrive. That will allow them to save more of their documents and media files like vacation and anniversary photos and videos.

Family members will also get more time to communicate with one another. That is due to the fact that the subscription comes with one hour of free Skype calls every month. In that way that way kids can use the landline functions of Skype and call their grandparents, for instance, who are not particularly fond of modern technologies.

Also, families who subscribe to Microsoft Office service will instantly receive all the latest updates for the package. That means that they will work easier and faster than ever before and have more time for joint family activities.

This pay method is not new on the market. It is already used successfully for services and platforms like Xbox, Spotify and Netfix. Now Microsoft is incorporating it in its Office software making a step closer to the future.