BlackBerry 10 – Reviews Positive, Consumers Not So Much

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Yesterday, RIM made its comeback by unveiling a new product lineup. At a special event the Canadian tech manufacturer RIM announced that it is changing its name to Blackberry. The reborn company then introduced its new BlackBerry 10 operating system and two smartphone devices – BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10.

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Go Daddy Featured Offer! Save 47%* off your order! Offer Ends 2/12/13! - 120x240 The BlackBerry 10 OS is quite different from its predecessors. For instance, it has a brand new feature called BlackBerry Balance. It will enable users to switch between personal and business apps. In other words, the company will try to follow the example of Apple, Google and Samsung which greatly focus on mobile apps. For the purpose, BlackBerry has revamped its BlackBerry World store which now offers about 70,000 applications, video and music.

Another new feature of BB 10 operating system is the so called BlackBerry Hub. This is actually the main interface of the device. Users can use this tool to send and read various kinds of messages like emails and updates from the social networks Facebook and Twitter. In addition, BlackBerry’s new OS impresses with a fast web browser and responsive keyboard.

The first handset that was introduced at the event was BlackBerry Z10. The phone is entirely touchscreen which is something new for the company. Also, the device has 2GB of RAM, 16GB storage capacity and 8MP back camera that can record HD videos. BlackBerry’s new smartphone greatly resembles Apple’s iPhone in terms of design and it has a 4-inch display.

The second smartphone that was unveiled at the event was BlackBerry Q10. It comes with BlackBerry’s traditional QWERTY keyboard and a tiny touch screen. However, there is not much information about the device’s specs.

According to BlackBerry, its latest product lineup is created to offer better multitasking and typing experience.

Positive Expert Reviews

Many tech experts and analysts made lots of positive comments and reviews the new BlackBerry products. A common opinion among them is that the two smartphones, Z10 and Q10, will have no problem to stand out on the uniform tech market. Also, they highly praised the BlackBerry 10 operating system and especially the fact that the company managed to combine its most popular features with some new ones.

Experts particularly loved BlackBerry’s touchscreen smartphone Z10. They stated that the new handset was perfect for messaging and social networking. In addition, tech specialists were impressed by the multitasking and typing capabilities of the phone. Moreover, many concluded that with these products BlackBerry was not going to have any problem winning back its business consumers.

Consumers Want More

Although, BlackBerry was received very positively by analysts and experts in the field, regular consumers seemed to be unimpressed by the new products. Most users admitted that the BlackBerry handsets had an attractive design. However, many of them said that this was not enough to make them switch to the new operating system.

Others were not happy with BlackBerry Z10’s “small” 4.2” screen and the little amount of apps offered for BlackBerry 10 OS.

Q10, the new business-oriented smartphone of BlackBerry, also failed to move consumers. Some people mentioned that the device had too many distracting features like its camera, for instance. For them, that was not a good option for a corporate phone.

The Challenges

BlackBerry’s comeback will pose a number of challenges for the Canadian company. First BlackBerry will have the task to impress new consumers. That is pretty hard given that the current market is flooded with smartphone devices and people already have their favourites. Also, the company will need to balance all that with two other aims – to win back old users and to keep their present ones.

Second, BlackBerry will need to win the backup of retailers. Actually retailers are a key factor in the sales rates of any company. That is why BlackBerry’s new products may have a slow start in the first weeks of their release.

In addition, BlackBerry’s new products are high-end. That may be a drawback since BB fans prefer more affordable pieces of technology.

BlackBerry’s Goal

BlackBerry will probably try to achieve sales of about 1 million units in the first quarter of Z10’s launch. If the number is lower than that, the Canadian tech company’s attempt to rise up will be considered a failure.

However, if BlackBerry manages to score over 3 million sold units, it will make a big impression not only on the consumers, but also on the retailers and the competition.


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