Surprise: Google+ is Now Second Most Popular Social Network


Google’s social website has surpassed Twitter and YouTube in number of users

According to a report released by GlobalWebIndex, Google+ is ranking second on the social network’s popularity chart. This may be surprising for you but Forbes also confirmed the information. The latest statistics reveal that there are over 343 million active users on Google+. In comparison, Twitter has only 288 million active users. The leader is still Facebook with an impressive fandom of over 700 million people. This new trend is rather surprising since many claim that Google’s social platform is “uninhabited”.

However, the study of GlobalWebIndex says exactly the opposite. The data in the research show that Google+ and Twitter marked a huge growth over the past 12 months. But the fastest growing social network is Twitter. That is because the active users of the site in the last one year jumped with 40%, reaching 288 million people. In addition, it was estimated that about 21% of the world Internet population uses Twitter every month. The same is the percentage of active YouTube users. In comparison, for Google+ it reaches 25%. The number is even higher for Facebook which impresses with active users amounting to 51% of all the world web population.’;return true;” onmouseout=”window.status=’ ‘;return true;”>
Go Daddy Featured Offer! Save 47%* off your order! Offer Ends 2/12/13! - 120x240In the study of GlobalWebIndex, Russian and Chinese social platforms are holding a high and stable positions on the chart. That is mainly due to the big number of the population in these countries. Popular were also found to be social websites like Tumblr, Pinterest and Orkut.

However, the surprises do not end with the rise of Google+. Bebo and Myspace are also doing amazingly well on the chart, especially the newly reopened Myspace.

Google+ is still nowhere near Facebook in terms of popularity. Nevertheless, the virtual population of Zuckerberg’s social platform is experiencing a slowdown over the last few months.

Despite that, the UAE seems to stray away from this trend. In the last half a year, the number of Facebook users in the country has jumped with 500,000 people. Now the total amount of UAE residents who use FB is over 3,400,000.