Revealed: New Details on Xbox 720


Details on the specs of Microsoft’s next-generation console leaked on the web

Gamers have been anticipating the new Xbox for a year now. As a result, rumours around the device were countless. Some claim that the new-gen Xbox will be released this year. Others specify that this will happen even before Q3 2013. Also, there was information that the Xbox 720 console will cost about $400. However, not much was really known about the new Xbox. In addition, although, many people refer to the device as Xbox 720 or Infinity, Microsoft still hasn’t announced the name of their product.

But gamers’ prayers have been heard! Finally, there is some light on the success of Xbox 360! Website VGLEAKS has leaked the specs of the new Xbox.

The processor is one of the most interesting things about the console. It has x64 architecture and 8 1.6GHz cores. Every CPU thread of the device rocks 32kb L1 data cache and 32kb L1 instruction cache. All of the modules of the cores have their own 2MB L2 cache. In other words, Xbox 720’s processor will have 4MB of L2 cache. According to the information presented by VGLEAKS, the threads will function independently of one another.

Microsoft’s new console will offer a better media experience. That is hinted by some of its specs among which are a Blu-ray drive, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, USB 3.0 ports, 32MB fast-embedded SRAM, as well as HDMI 1.4a. That is not all. Microsoft will add some improvements to Kinect too. The device will now come with multichannel echo cancelation.

As it was expected, the next-generation Xbox will have with a hard drive, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi direct and Gigabit Ethernet.

The leaked information about the new Xbox concerns only its hardware. The design and the software of the console continue to remain a mystery. The release date is also unknown. However, Microsoft may choose to launch its console this year since PlayStation 4 has been scheduled for 2014.