Nokia Said to Release a Revolutionary Smartphone with 41MP Camera


Nokia’s anticipated Windows Phone 8 will have a high-end 41MP camera

Yesterday, two websites reported that Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 will come with a revolutionary 41MP PureView camera. According to them, that may happen at Mobile World Congress which will is scheduled for next month. If this information turns out to be true, Nokia Corp. will change the smartphone market forever.

The reports came from The Verge and My Nokia Blog. The two sites claim that Nokia’s Windows 8 smartphone comes with a camera with an astonishing quality. The snapper will have lenses by Carl Zeiss and it will use the innovative PureView technology.

The new device will be part of Nokia’s Lumia lineup and it will probably be the most expensive product in it. According to the reports, Nokia will put even more high-end technology in the smartphone in attempt to revolutionize the market and challenge its competition. However, because of its possibly high price, the device is not expected to be a top seller. But despite that, it will certainly serve its purpose – to take everyone by surprise.

It is said that the code name of Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 is “EOS”. There is not much information about its specs. The only thing that is announced for now is its 41MP PureView camera.

The standard resolutions for mobile devices are 2/3, 5 and 8MP. Products with such resolutions can zoom without losing any of the quality or clarity of the image. In addition, they are capable of capturing seven pixels of information and then converting them into only one pixel. In comparison, a 41MP resolution can offer better quality, clarity and it can capture the smallest details.

The PureView technology takes tings even further! It enables the recording of full HD 1080p videos. That won’t be the first smartphone with a PureView camera. Nokia has already tried out the technology on Nokia 808 which runs on the Symbian Belle operating system.

In addition, the revolutionary device is reported to offer a feature called Nokia Rich Recording. With it, users can record sounds with a CD quality. In the past, that could be done only with external microphones.

It is suggested that the product will differ in design from its Lumia predecessors. Also, there is a rumour that Nokia’s new smartphone will be made not of polycarbonate, but of aluminum.

We can predict that the next Lumia will have a pretty robust processor, as well as memory and storage capabilities. Otherwise, the 41MP won’t be able to operate effectively.