Revamped MySpace Returns Backed by a Famous Musician

MySpace has finally reopened. The social network now has a new design, Web address and focus.

A few days ago, MySpace announced its return. However, the social website’s new design and features were initially available for a limited number of people. But as of today everyone can enjoy the brand new social network.

What’s New?

The social site has a new Web address – Nevertheless, the old one works just fine in redirecting the users to the new platform. People who wish to join the network can use their email, Facebook or Twitter account. Those who already have a MySpace profile can use to sign into the new website.

The revamped network has also a brand new look which is mainly focused on music and music search. At the bottom of every MySpace page, visitors will see an audio deck. Users can use the widget to play, add and queue music. Also, there is a “People” tab which will subscribe users to the updates of their friends and favourite music artists.

One of the new features on MySpace is a “Discover” menu. There visitors can see trending music news. In addition, the social network has added a status stream similar to that of Twitter. It will show simple text updates, as well as music and photos.

Some Strong Music Support

The most interesting thing about MySpace’s reopening is the fact that it was cleverly synced with the music comeback of one of the network’s investors – Justin Timberlake. The singer released his first single in seven years, “Suit & Tie” on the same day on which MySpace returned. In fact, that is the very first thing visitors see when they visit the site.

Another curious “coincidence” is that Timberlake shared that he had secretly started working on his album back in June. Around the same time, the MySpace began testing its new platform in a beta version.

However, coincidence or not, Justin Timberlake’s hit music may not be enough to get MySpace back on its feet.

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