Microsoft to release Surface Pro with Windows 8 soon

Microsoft Store Microsoft will launch its new tablet Surface Pro in a few weeks from now. The news was announced on Twitter by the company’s general manager.

Some hours ago, Panos Panay, Microsoft Corp.’s general manager, tweeted about the upcoming arrival of Surface Pro. Panay teased on his personal Twitter account that he was going to the “factory” to see the new tablet. Also, the company’s general manager wrote that Surface Pro will hit the stores “in the coming weeks”.

These news were somewhat expected. Microsoft has already announced its plans to launch a Surface device with the Pro edition of Windows 8. Moreover, that giant has made some references to the tablet’s release date, saying that it will be introduced about three months after Surface RT. The RT model of Surface was released back in October 2012. That means that Surface Pro may be available for purchase this month.

What is known about Microsoft’s Surface Pro is that it will be released in two editions – a 64GB and a 128GB. For the lower memory capacity, consumers will need to pay $899. Those who want to take advantage of the impressive 128GB version of Surface RT will have the chance to buy it for $999.

The device will have a 16:9 ClearType screen with a resolution of 1,920×1,080. Also, it will come with a Mini DisplayPort. The port can be used to transfer the screen image from the tablet to an external device with a resolution of up to 2,560×1,440.

Logically, Surface Pro will rock Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 8. In addition, it will run on an Intel Ivy Bridge processor. The processor is one of the fastest ones that can be found on a tablet. Moreover, Surface Pro’s processor is said to be better than those of its main rivals, among which is also Apple’s iPad.

In terms of design, Microsoft’s Surface Pro is also doing an excellent job. Insiders assure that the device has a slick and nice look that makes the work with it a pleasure.


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