Deal of the Day: 50% off Lucky Brand Jeans


Save today 50% on Lucky Brand jeans for men and women with Amazon’s Gold Box Deal of the Day !

The day’s great discount is up to 50% off on more than twenty models of Lucky Brand original jeans.

With its Deal of the Day Amazon offers its customers daily sales on different items and today the sale includes more than twenty models of Lucky Brand jeans. Lucky Brand designs sells not only jeans, but also men’s and women’s clothing, shoes and accessories, as well as plus-sized and children’s clothing. Lucky Brand’s jeans are made of high quality materials and designed for all figures, ages and tastes. The individual, classy and vintage-inspired style of their designs is for anyone who loves comfort, chic and the American spirit of the denim. During the Amazon’s sale you can select from 14 women’s models and 8 men’s models at the best prices.

Lucky Brand Women’s Jeans

Lucky Brand presents you one of their best women’s jeans collections – Sweet N Low and Charlie Skinny as well as other models starting at $39.75 per pair. The different silhouettes of the jeans are made for all fits and sizes – the bootcut silhouette is one of the most popular for its great comfort and classic design. The slim Lucky Brand jeans are slim through the hips and thighs in order to highlight the feminine figure. All jeans are made of cotton and at prices from $39.75 to $59.50.

Lucky Brand Men’s Jeans

Men’s jeans prices start from $44.75 and range to $64.50, and of course, also at a discount of %50. You can choose from different models, sizes and colors depending on the men’s figure. If you want the best fitting jeans for your husband or boyfriend, Lucky Brand are perfect for gifts – this is the ultimate men’s silhouette, classic and relaxed while elegant and vintage at the same time.