Special Winter Holidays Offers from Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Qatar AirwaysHolidays Page is now offering special prices for flight and hotel packages to its online clients. The airline sells not only tickets to the world’s most visited destinations, but now in the Winter Offers the packages include hotel stays valid through April 2013.

If you are looking to book online beach holiday or city break trips from the Qatar Airways website you can choose from a variety of destinations and flights departing from Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The online booking is the easiest, fastest and safest way, just a few clicks of the mouse and your dream vacation is already planned and paid for!

Below is a list of the best holiday offers available on the QatarAirways.com right now. The packages include a 3-night stay in 4- or 5-star hotels.

Qatar Airways Network
City Break Flight + Hotel Packages

Bali – Whether you are looking for an endless party, surfing on the best waves, or just blissful leisure at the beach, the “Island of Gods” will be perfect for you. Prices are starting from AED4350 for 3 nights.

Bangkok – Dynamic and big city, the most populous in Thailand where you will be amazed of the incredible mixture of colours, skyscrapers, exotic markets and Buddhist temples. For flights from Dubai the prices are from AED2497, and for those from Abu Dhabi – from AED2855.

Hong Kong – The enormous city is no less interesting with its fusion of Asian and Western cultures. Prices start from AED3794 for departure from Abu Dhabi, and AED4167 from Dubai.

Kuala Lumpur – With its 66 shopping malls, numerous markets and stores, Kuala Lumpur is a retail and fashion hub for Malaysia. Visit the National Museum or take pictures at the Petronas Twin Towers, all for prices only from AED2735 for flights from Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

London – Visit the heart of the British culture and history for extraordinary European experience. Prices are from AED4815 Dubai flights and from AED4848 for Abu Dhabi.

Singapore – Modern, dynamic city for all shopping and party fans. The package prices start from AED3308.

Alternatively, you can always check one-stop holidays offers shop Expedia.com.

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