Say Goodbye to Microsoft Messenger – Skype Takes Over


Microsoft StoreMicrosoft Corp. officially announced that it will shut down its Messenger service and move users to Skype

Messenger fans have about two months left to enjoy the application. Yesterday, Microsoft issued a statement in which it confirmed its plans to pull the plug of its Messenger app. The service will be closed forever on March 15.

At present, the number of people who use the instant messenger service is more than 100 million. However, only users in some parts of China will have access to the service after March 15.

The reason for the closedown is the fact that the tech company bought Skype. That happened about a year and a half ago. Now the giant is completely replacing Messenger with Skype.

This doesn’t come unexpected. Two months ago, Microsoft officially stated that it will merge the two services into one. In addition, the company said that it will try to make that somewhere around the beginning of 2013. Well, it seems that Microsoft’s effort will succeed.

In the email update, the giant informed its users about the upcoming merging of Messenger and Skype. In the message, users were instructed to upgrade to the newest version of Skype and then log in with their Messenger name and password. The email explained that after that, all your contacts from Messenger will be transferred to Skype. In that way users will still have the chance to exchange instant messages with them and have video chats. In addition, in the email, Microsoft mentioned the new smartphone and tablet options to which users will have access to through Skype.

This upgrade may be for the better. The Skype platform has more functions than Messenger. For example, it can be used for mobile or even landline calls. Also, users can video call their friends on Facebook or have a group video chat.

Four months ago, Skype for Mac and Windows was put on trial beta period. It enabled users to log into their account n Skype by entering their Windows Live ID details. In that way Windows Live users could send and receive messages and follow which of their contacts on Hotmail, Messenger, and Xbox are online.