Dubai Financial Market Performance in 2012

The Dubai Financial Market General Index increased by 19.9% to 1622.5 points at the end of this year compared to 1353.4 points at the end of 2011.

At the sectoral level, indexes of seven out of the nine sectors represented on DFM ended the year in the green, with the Services sector increasing the most by 144%, followed by the Industrial and Real Estate & Construction sectors by 44.6%, and 42.5% respectively.

The Banking sector down by 4.5%, and the Consumer Staples sector index has not changed during this year.

The market capitalization increased at the end of this year by 1.0% amounting to Dhs181.9bn compared to Dhs180.1bn at the end of previous year. The value of shares traded during this year reached Dhs48.6bn, compared to Dhs32.1bn recorded during 2011, an increase by 51.4%. The number of shares traded up by 60.8% to reach 40.5 billion shares during this year compared to 25.2 billion shares were traded during the last year. The number of transactions executed during 2012 up by 39.7% to reach 621.4 thousands compared to 444.8 thousand deals carried out during the previous year.

As for the sectors’ contribution to trading volumes, the Real Estate and Construction sector ranked first in terms of the traded value, to reach Dhs23.2bn, or 47.7% of the total traded value in the market. The Banking sector ranked second at Dhs8.9bn or 18.2%, followed by the Financial & Investment Services sector with Dhs5.1bn or 10.5%, the Services sector with Dhs4.1bn or 8.4%, the Telecommunication and the Transportation sectors with Dhs2.83bn or 5.8%,for each, the Insurance sector with Dhs1.7bn or 3.5%, whilst other sectors shared the rest of trading volumes.

The value of stocks bought by foreign investors during this year reached Dhs22.5bn comprising 46.2% of the total traded value. The value of stocks sold by foreign investors during the same period reached Dhs22bn comprising 45.3% of the total value traded. Accordingly, DFM net foreign investment in-flow reached Dhs461.2m.

On the other hand, The value of stocks bought by institutional investors during this year reached Dhs11.3bn comprising 23.2% of the total traded value. The value of stocks sold by institutional investors during the same period reached Dhs10.2bn which constitutes 21% of the total value traded. Net institutional investment in-flow into DFM amounted to Dhs1.1bn.

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