First Dubai Green Festival in April


Department of Tourism and Commercial Marketing launches “Dubai Green Festival” activities in April 2013

For seven exciting days in various locations across Dubai

DTCM has initiated this festival as a commitment to the UAE Vision 2021, to lead the foundations of a green sustainable economy that consolidates Dubai’s position, and the UAE’s, regionally and internationally in the field of preservation of the environment.

This is is the first of its kind festival that targets all segments of society to increase awareness of sustainable solutions in order to preserve the environment. It is also the ideal platform to include corporates, governmental institutions as well as tourism, commercial, educational, and social organizations to share their experiences and to adopt new practices that are more advanced and has more effective realistic results on the ground.

This Dubai Green Festival will gather expertise and corporates to join forces to enhance sustainable practices, methods and solutions that everyone, individuals or corporates can adapt to enhance the sustainable economy and preserve the environment. At the festival, individuals will have a chance to share their ideas and to promote their aspirations of the future of the environment in Dubai.

This festival is expected to gather big audience on both individual and commercial levels as well as draw regional and global attention. This initiative is going to be one of the biggest most valuable events of the year and many years to come.

This fun, interactive event is the first time DTCM uniting corporate employees, governmental institutions as well as tourism, commercial, educational, and social organizations for a unique look into the green festival.

The festival will feature environmental activities targeting all segments of society. It will include workshops, presentations and environmental competitions.

Exhibition to showcase environmental friendly products and to exchange experiences and best practices related to preservation of the environment, workshops to enhance environmental knowledge, exhibition on eco-friendly transportation and more.