Tablets Outshone Smartphones as Christmas Gifts in 2012


Tablets made up 51% of all iOS and Android device activations on Christmas Day

All signs suggest tablets were very popular Christmas presents this year. Analytics firm Flurry claims tablets made up 51% of all iOS and Android device activations it detected on 25th of December. This is compared with just 20% from between 1st and 20th of the last month of the year. The firm writes in a report:

“While smartphone activations typically outpace that of tablets by 4:1, on Christmas Day 2012, more tablets were activated than smartphones. The big winners were Apple iPads, Apple iPad Minis and Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 ” tablets. In particular, Amazon had a very strong performance in the tablet category, growing by several thousand percent over its baseline of tablet activations over the earlier part of December.

In addition, the download of apps increased significantly and it is expected to reach nearly 2 billion until the end of 2012, the analytics firm continues in its report.”

Over the next week, up through New Year’s Day, app download rates will remain significantly elevated. Flurry anticipates downloads to surpass more than 1.5 billion, and have a shot at breaking through the 2-billion download barrier for the first time ever. We look forward to accelerated growth in 2013, and continued success for developers.

More iOS and Android devices are activated on Christmas Day than on any other day of the year. 2012 was no exception. On Christmas Day, more iPhones, iPads, Galaxys, Kindle Fires, and more, were activated than on any other day in history. This clearly suggests that mobile technology is firmly rooted in our lives and is not going to go out of fashion any time soon. On the contrary, with the numbers constantly growing, it is clear that technology would be the leading sector of the global economy in the coming year.

Similar reports from within the industry, re-assure further:

“App Spike: On Christmas Day, the number of app downloads for iPhones and iPads soared 87% over an average day in December, CNET noted. Better still for Apple, sales generated by those downloads surged 70% over a typical December day, according to industry research firm Distimo. If Christmas Day downloads provide a yardstick, a lot of people received iPads as gifts this year. Downloads of iPad apps spiked 140% on Christmas Day, with revenue from those apps jumping 83%. Hot on the list of apps were Google‘s iOS maps app, Disney‘s Where’s My Holiday?, and Microsoft‘s Skype.”

It seems, there are plenty of opportunities for mobile apps developers. There is money to be made, but it’s time to focus on your basic execution plan: a great concept, a good user experience, tight marketing and a smart distribution plan.