Dubai Police set to auction impounded vehicles


The owners of vehicles locked at the Dubai police’s impound yard for more than six months have to pay their outstanding fines. Individuals, insurance companies and banks will have to pay the confiscation fee for their vehicles or their properties will be put on auction in a two-month term by Dubai Police.

Local Law № 34 from 2008 grants the right to the Dubai Police to collocate with machinery, vehicles and motorcycles taken under custody. If the owners don’t pay the pending fines in period of six months the law enters into force.

The Dubai police informed owners of impounded property in two daily newspapers in Arabic and English that the authority is planning to remove or auction the seized vehicles. After this notification, all the proprietors will have a period of two months to get the documentation done. Otherwise their movables will be sold in public auction in respect to the procedures imposed by Local Law № 34.

The Police of Dubai reported that the auction of seized vehicles, motorcycles and heavy equipments is scheduled for February 2013. Owners can ask for information by contacting General Department of Traffic at Dubai police, Deira Traffic Departments and Fine Section in Al Bursha. Information on they matter can be attained right after the press advertisement.

Dubai Police announced that the public auction event will start at 10:00 am on February 2013. The authority added that all of the unclaimed movable property taken under custody which keeps the same status of the indicated term will be sold.

In the past, similar auctions were very successful, with mostly second-hand cars showrooms owners participating in it.


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