Weight Loss Success: Celebrity Stories of 2012

Hollywood stars can sometimes surprise us with shockingly fast changes in their physical appearance. But celebrity weight loss stories are not so unbelievable as many tend to believe. Celebrities can easily afford to hire a personal trainer, a chef, or the best hairstylists to make them look gorgeous on the red carpet. They lavishly spend on latest lifestyle innovations, Pilates and yoga classes, and a variety of cosmetic surgeries to help them stay always slim and fit.

However, there are also many famous people who decide to lose weight not only for the looks, but for the health benefits. We keep hearing stories about celebrities who are yoga maniacs, or exercise for five hours every day. But these are not just rumor, this is for many the right way to lose weight and look good.

Jessica Simpson, for example, gained 70 pounds while she was pregnant with her daughter. She managed to lose 60 pounds by October this year, only five months after giving birth. She admitted it wasn’t easy but she wanted, as any women do, to feel good again and be healthier for her family, and for herself. Jessica signed to be the face of Weight Watchers, and focused on healthy eating, activity, and behavioral change. She adopted a healthier lifestyle and become an inspiration for others to do the same. And, we can say, she looks stunning and hot than ever after the change.

DietAfter he was diagnosed as pre—diabetic in 2011, actor Alec Baldwin lost 30 pounds in four months by removing sugar from his diet. He also start practicing Pilates, Spinning and yoga daily, pushed by his wife.

Hilary Duff lost the weight she gained during her pregnancy thanks to the hard exercising with her trainer Gabe Johns. She was boxing, jump roping and sprinting until she could get back to her skinny jeans.

Extravagant singer Pink managed to lose 55 pounds after she gave birth to her daughter. She says that she feels in the best shape of her life, thanks to the workouts with the celebrity trainers Jillian Michaels and Jeannette Jenkins.

Actress Marisa Jaret Winokur dropped 60 pounds in six months after she was told of her high cholesterol levels. The change in her appearance was really stunning; she dropped even more than she had gained when her father died in 2010.

So, in the quickly approaching 2013 give yourself a chance to be a better you and opt for a weigh loss regime! The most common habits you can adopt are: go for a 30 minutes to two hours walk daily; sign up for Pilates or yoga classes three times a week; plan eco-tourism and outdoor activities for your holiday breaks. In addition, you may try green coffee bean extract.

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