Bella Calamidades charms Dubai’s TV audience

What will happen to Lola and her beloved Marcelo? You can find out only if you watch the story on DubaiOne TV every day from 8 to 9 pm.

Bella Calamidades (Eng. Beautiful but Unlucky) is a Colombian telenovela that became popular with its dramatic storyline, and mostly with the favourites of many TV watchers, Danna Garcia and Segundo Cernadas. It is about a beautiful woman who is believed to bring misfortune to everyone. She is living between love and hatred, among jealousy and superstition.

The Spanish-language telenovela was produced in 2008 by RTI Colombia for Telemundo. Telemundo is an American television network, second-largest Spanish –language content producer in the world. Founded in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1954, it produces and broadcasts most of its soap operas and telenovelas, and is now a part of NBCUniversal.

In the story Dolores “Lola” Carrero (Danna Garcia) is a beautiful, young woman who is lives as an outcast in a village full of superstitious people. She is convinced she brings bad luck and therefore she shies away from everybody, until one day her hiding place is discovered. Lola comes back to her home village, where she finds people envy and dislike her. Very few like her, but with the time they become more and more.

Bella Calamidades is deeply in love with Marcelo Machado (Segundo Cernadas), who also loves her. Of course, the telenovela wouldn’t be interesting if their love story was that simple – there are too many obstacles for them to overpass.

The villagers want to imprison and kill Bella. Even her grandfather, Aquiles Barraza is terrorizing her. Lola has a few friends who try to help her, but besides them the whole village doesn’t trust her. She must hope that Marcelo’s love for her is strong enough to save her.

Danna Garcia has become popular with her roles in Telemundo releases and in 2004 she won the Cnal Caracol Awards for best leading actress in the Colombian soap opera Passion de Gavilanes.Bella Calamidades’s creator is also one of the most famous and productive writers and directors, Julio Jimenez, who created more than twenty series and shows for the television.

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