Twitter launched a new photo feature similar to Instagram

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The popular social network Twitter launched a new photo feature. With it users will be able to use filters to their pictures. This new option is similar to the service offered by Instagram, with which Twitter stopped to cooperate.

Through this new feature, Twitter will try to gain more control over its network and keep its users closer to its properties, which in feature is expected to make them more responsive to advertisement. The micro-blogging platform slowly limited the amount of information shared with outside applications. The company did that by launching its own similar services.

Twitter users waited quite a long for a home photo-sharing service, especially after Instagram stopped working with Twitter Cards. Twitter Cards allow pictures to be well shown when shared on the social site.

This weekend, the Facebook-owned platform, disabled its users from including photos in their tweets. Currently, Instagram pictures on Twitter appear only as a link.

In regard to the new service, Twitter informed that the home-hosted filters were developed by a photography firm called Aviary. The new service will be available on the network’s mobile apps. Through these applications Android and iPhone users who have the newest version of Twitter will have the chance to add effects to the pictures they post on the website.

Twitter’s new photo service has eight different filters among which are black & white, gritty, vintage and cool.

Lately, Twitter is trying to make the micro-blogging network more visual. Not long ago, the design of the website was changed. The profile pictures were made bigger and a big header image option was added. Actually, these moves are part of the company’s strategy to include more multimedia content on the site. In that way Twitter hopes to encourage users to use the social website more and to attract new advertisers.

Like Twitter, Facebook, which now owns Instagram, also follows such a plan. From Instagram said that they no longer like its users to embed their pictures on Twitter. The company realized that in that way the network is losing valuable site visits. That is why Instagram will limit the display of its images on other social websites.


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