Nokia Launches Budget-friendly Windows Phone 8


Phone manufacturer Nokia unveiled its latest budget-friendly smartphone Lumia 620. The new phone is referred to as the “cheapest Windows Phone 8” device.

Nokia showed off its latest creation at the Le Web 2012 conference in Paris, France. The new Lumia stands out with its interesting design. The smartphone has dual-shot colour shells with which the users can customize the look of their phone. Thanks to this technology, 620 will be the most colourful Lumia on the market.

Nokia’s latest smartphone will come in seven different colours – black, white, green, yellow, cyan, magenta and orange.

From Nokia say that they use Lumia’s trademark, the colours, and they take it to a whole new level, by making them more fun than before. In addition, the company promises consumers that with Nokia Lumia 620 they will invest in something very amusing and entertaining.

However, the phone doesn’t shine only with its unique design. Lumia 620 has an impressive 3.8”480×800 Clearback display and a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Also, it runs on Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8.

The new Nokia has an internal memory capacity of 8GB and a battery with a power of 1,300mAh. In addition, 620 has two cameras – a front 0.3mp and a back 5mp.

From Nokia shared that with this handset, the company tries to fulfill its goal to reach more users and markets than before.

The smartly designed Lumia 620 will offer Nokia fans some of the brands most popular trademarks. Among them are the free web mapping platform Nokia Maps, the popular service Nokia Music, as well as the Nokia lenses. Yet, the device is very cheap and affordable. That makes it a worthy competition to other top selling smartphone devices.

Nokia Lumia 620 will hit the stores around January. The price of the device will be somewhere around $249.