Apple Launches iTunes in UAE

Apple announced that it will soon expand its iTunes Store to more countries. Currently, the online music platform covers nearly 120 countries. Soon that number will reach 165 since Apple Inc. will make iTunes available in 56 more countries. Among them are UAE, Russia, South Africa, Turkey and India.

These news come only a few days after the company launched the newest version of the online store, iTunes 11. The new iTunes won’t come with the well-known left-hand bar. Now users can find the radio and the playlists in the top menu. The rest of the options (TV shows, shard libraries, podcasts, movies, etc.) can be accessed through a drop-down menu located under the Music icon.

The new iTunes 11 allows viewing songs while browsing. In addition, the platform comes with Facebook integration and a brand new interface.

The new iTunes Store, which will be released in 56 more countries, will offer tracks of some local musicians, as well as many classical, international and modern artists. Also, clients in these countries will gain access to Apple Inc.’s App Store. Currently, it hosts over 70,000 mobile applications.

In the UAE, individual artists prices will vary between Dh4.09 and Dh4.99 and an album will cost somewhere between Dh17.99 and Dh29.99. The prices are estimated according to the local standards. In that way the company will try to offer cheaper service to its users.

With this move, Apple tries to keep its position on the online media market. iTunes is now being seriously challenged by other similar services developed by Apple’s bigger rivals – Microsoft and Google. Not long ago, Microsoft Corp. released a new service called Xbox Music. It is even included in the company’s new operating system, Windows 8. Google too made a step forward. The search engine giant opened its online store Google Play this year which very much resembles iTunes.

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