UAE National Day Holds Special Significance for The Emirates Group


Emiratis make up a growing part of the workforce, contributing to the airline’s and dnata’s success

The Emirates Group, which includes Emirates airline, dnata and other companies, joined the nation in celebrating the UAE and the contribution Emiratis have made to the success of the organisation.

“A strong supporter of Emiratisation since commencing operations in 1985, the Group has worked hard to recruit and retain UAE Nationals; providing them with the exciting opportunity to learn about and develop meaningful careers in aviation,” said His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman & Chief Executive of Emirates Airline & Group. “With the continued support of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the development of the Emirates Group as a leading aviation organisation continues. With millions of dirhams invested every year in the development of Emiratis, their role will further expand going forward; making the Emirates Group the example of what a successful airline and travel services company should be.”

While, Emirates prides itself on its diverse, multi-cultural workforce which strengthens the organisation and helps passengers feel at home, regardless of where in the world they encounter Emirates, hiring UAE Nationals provides the continuity between Emirates award-winning service and the UAE culture; bringing a piece of the UAE to each of the 126 destinations Emirates serves worldwide.

With 190 aircraft currently in service, Emirates estimates approximately 33 aircraft will be added to the fleet in this fiscal year with one per month being an A380. It is due to this rapid expansion in fleet size and destinations – Emirates will have added 15 new destinations in 2012 by the end of December – that more staff are needed. The Emirates Group has announced plans to provide 750 jobs for Emirati Nationals during the current financial year across various departments.

The increasing importance paid to Emiratisation by the Group is already illustrated by the 40 percent increase in the number of UAE Nationals recruited since 2008. Growing number of Emiratis, which make up 7% of the Group’s demographic, are seeking careers with the Group; joining other UAE Nationals who make up 24 percent of Emirates’ senior management, plus 11 per cent of its Cockpit crew and 9 per cent of Aircraft Licensed Engineers and Mechanics.

The over 2,151 UAE Nationals currently employed by the Group are supported by the 37-staff National Recruitment & Development department and aided by an AED 60 million training budget. The department conducts road shows, hosts school visits, invites participants for summer training, work placements, internships, and partakes in the annual UAE Career Fair. Emirates is at the forefront of meeting national development needs and the National Recruitment team provide continuous assistance with career tracking and the tools to make UAE Nationals successful. In addition, the team has developed a strategic internal platform, Rehlaty, which specifically addresses how the Group attracts, retains and develops Emirati employees. The Emirates Group continues to be the employer of choice in Dubai and, in addition to roles in management, positions which are sought-after by Emiratis include:

Engineering – providing the training to become certified Engineers, over 395 Emirati men and women have graduated from the National Aircraft Engineering programme and now work as specialists in the repair and maintenance of aircraft. In addition, Emirates partners with top-tier organisations to ensure Engineers receive the best the industry has to offer. Emirates and Rolls Royce have partnered together for the ‘Learning and Career Development Centre’ which is open only to UAE national managers and teaches them techniques to build an effective team, manage resources, plus teaches finance, airline strategy, competitiveness and marketing principles.

Pilots – since 1992, the hugely successful National Cadet Pilot Programme, has trained over 215 Emirati men and women to be commercial pilots; taking Emirates Boeing and Airbus family of aircraft, including the A380, to the skies. 165 UAE Nationals are currently undergoing training at the Emirates Aviation College in Dubai and the Flight Training facility in Spain. Beginning in 2014, Emirates plans to open the Flight Training Academy, Emirates’ dedicated flight training centre located at Dubai World Central Airport, which will showcase the industry’s most advanced approach to pilot training; meeting the Cadet’s professional and personal requirements in a fully-integrated facility.

Cabin Crew – A particular focus this year is on inviting Emiratis to join the premium Emirates Cabin Crew role. With an emphasis on the warm hospitality of the UAE, the Cabin Crew role provides the opportunity for Emirati men and women to act as ambassadors of the distinct Emirati culture abroad. More than just a role focused on service and ensuring safety onboard, Cabin Crew members are primed for long and fruitful careers within the airline. High achievers from the Cabin Crew role and Cabin Crew Training role have progressed to join the Emirates headquarters team as Cabin Crew Managers. Emirates currently has several Emirati men and women pursuing the Cabin Crew career path.

Operations and dnata – With the new concourse getting ready to open at Dubai International Airport early next year, dnata and the Group have recruited 215 UAE Nationals to provide the required language and hospitality needed to welcome Emirates passengers to Dubai. Be it on the ramp working with aircraft or inside at the check-in desks, gates or lounges, Emiratis travelling on Emiratis will be able to interact with their fellow citizens and experience true Emirati culture at this state of the art facility.

In spite of the plethora of roles and training across the Group, additional steps are being taken to ensure the continued success of UAE citizens. The Emirates Group signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Emirates National Development Programme (ENDP) to encourage career development for high school graduates which will specifically address the need for operational staff; such as pilots, cabin crew, engineering and airport services. Furthermore, the Group has conducted road shows in conjunction with the Ministry of Education to schools across the UAE to invite high achievers to join Emirates across a variety of technical, managerial, and hospitality functions. Under the patronage of His Highness Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman & Chief Executive Emirates Airline & Group, the Group announced earlier this year that it will expand hiring to encompass unlimited, qualified UAE candidates.

Emiratis are drawn to the Emirates Group due to the strong development programme provided to UAE staff but also to work in a dynamic environment which encourages innovation, creativity and self-development and which provides the incentives and tools for success. Working for the Emirates Group allows UAE Nationals to represent one of the most recognized global brands from the UAE and also to share their national tradition with non-Emiratis. Thus, the opportunity to share in the UAE National Day, at an organisation like the Emirates Group, where its 60,000 employees of over 120 nationalities can share in the rich cultural heritage of the UAE, is truly something to celebrate. More information about career opportunities with Emirates can be found at: