Microsoft Challenges Rivals With Its New Windows App Store


Microsoft launched its latest operating system, Windows 8, back on October 26. However, the company already offers a large number of fresh, entertaining and useful apps for it available at its Windows App Store.

Currently, the Windows App Store  store offers thousands of applications and their number increases as we speak. The apps are compatible with Windows 8 and Windows RT. The Windows App Store includes basic applications, as well as other additional ones.

The basic apps are free to download and are built in Windows 8 and Windows RT operating systems. Among them are Mail, SkyDrive, Bing and Skype. Prices of the additional apps vary from $1.49 up to $999.99. However, like the basic Windows applications, many of the additional ones are also free.

Now let’s take a look at some of the most popular at the Windows app store:

Microsoft Store Netflix (Free) – The biggest subscription TV and film service in the world, Netfix, can now be accessed easily through your Windows 8 or Windows RT device. This application gives you the chance to watch a huge collection of TV shows and movies.

Angry Birds Space ($4.99) – The latest version of the popular game comes with many new bird characters, superpowers and updates! In Angry Birds Space, gamers will play in a gravity-free environment filled with space piggies and explosive volcanoes.

Urbanspoon (Free) – This app allow users to access a databases of more than 800,000 restaurants located in various cities. It provides information, photos and reviews of many food places. In addition, you can share your own thoughts and opinions about the restaurants you have visited.

Fruit Ninja ($4.99) – This is one of the most delicious and entertaining games right now. In it fruits are thrown across the display of your device. The goal is to splatter and split them like a real ninja. During the game, players can learn many curious fruit facts and wise sayings.

The Windows App Store is available to access from any Windows 8 or Windows RT device. Just tap the Store icon on your Home Screen and browse to find more amazing Windows apps.