Your smartphone can tell if you are single or not


A curious study conducted earlier this year proved that the obsession for advanced mobile technology is spreading all over the world. However, the research also found that there is an interesting trend among the owners of smartphones. According to the study, couples invest in tablets, while singles like smartphones better.

Analysts involved in the research say that couples and, especially married people, are usually older than those who are single. In addition, they are more likely to have higher income. As a result they can afford to buy more expensive electronic devices like tablets.

Contrary to the belief that middle-aged people have troubles using technology, the study discovered that older couples have a good amount of knowledge on the latest tech inventions. That is because their children are encouraging them to use the latest mobile devices.

The study included over 2,000 people. For the purposes of the research, they had to answer different questions about the mobile devices that they own and use. It was found that nearly 50% of the singles who participated in the study had a smartphone. In comparison, the percentage of couples and married people who owned such electronic device was only a little over 40%. Results were quite different with tablets. The research discovered that 45% of the couples owned a tablet, while barely 36% of the single participants had a tablet device.

The survey also found a number of other interesting facts concerning mobile devices and their owners. Surprisingly, about 55% of all the smartphone users prefer to use their phone to search for information, even when their computer is near them. In addition, younger participants said that they often shop online while they are at work. Older owners of mobile devices rarely do that. Also, nearly 80% of the people in the study use two pieces of electronics at the same time. Most of them stated that they like to watch TV and browse the Internet all at once.

It seems that now we can easily guess who is single and who – taken, judging only on the smartphone they use!